Best Basic Elliptical Trainers

Basic, or entry-level, elliptical trainers are lower in cost but offer fewer features. Depending on the brand, most basic trainers go for anywhere from $300 to $800. Also depending on the brand, you can find basic trainers still built with durable, quality frames. The average stride length for a basic trainer is typically 18 to 20 inches, and rarely are strides adjustable. In fact, basic trainers rarely have any customizable options. The max user weight for a basic trainer averages around 275 pounds, which means these trainers are smaller and lighter, and easier to transport or store in smaller spaces. When it comes to consoles, expect basic, pre-set workout programs, no wireless heart rate monitoring, and basic features like a cup holder or an accessories rack, but not all trainers come with built-in fans or speakers, and rarely are trainers Apple or Andriod compatible. Many basic trainers will offer lifetime warranties on frames but warranties on parts and labor are typically 1 year or less.