Best Front Drive Elliptical Machines of 2020

Front drive elliptical trainers are among the most popular for in-home trainers because they have been around the longest and are typically cheaper and more compact. A front drive trainer means that the flywheel, or drive system, is the front of the trainer with the weight of the user centered behind the flywheel. This design causes users to tend to lean forward when using the machine, similar to the posture when using a stair climber. Front drive design trainers usually have a fixed incline ramp, though few will allow for manual adjustments. Front drive trainers also contain more moving parts, running the risk of additional maintenance than other trainers, but they are also less expensive and known to be relatively reliable and durable.

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Best Front Drive Ellipticals

Model Rating Flywheel Resistance Price Lowest Price
Sole E95 5-stars 27 LBS ECB Under $2,000 See best price »
NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 4-stars 32 LBS 24 Levels Under $1,500 See best price »
Horizon Elite E7 4-stars 23 LBS 20 Levels Under $1,500 See best price »