2015 ProForm Cyber Monday Elliptical Deals

Cyber Monday is the largest international online shopping holiday, spanning multiple counties since its inception in 2005. Interestingly enough, the term Cyber Monday was dubbed by Ellen Davis, and first used in the ecommerce community in 2005. To see the latest deals on on the popular brands including ProForm, check out our updated Cyber Monday Guide

Cyber Monday was created because retailers knew that people were already in the spirit of spending and would most likely be online that following Monday, and so it was born! And while the history of Cyber Monday is pretty interesting, what’s more interesting are the deals and sales that are offered.

There are few better times to buy big ticket items than Cyber Monday where retailers will be offering major discounts, special offers like free shipping, and other deals not available at any other time throughout the year. Elliptical trainers in particular are top items to purchase on Cyber Monday, for many reasons. First, elliptical trainers make excellent gifts but you can also of course purchase an elliptical trainer for yourself too. There’s no shame in making some big purchases for yourself on this special shopping holiday, and it’s actually a great idea since the prices will not likely be much lower. Elliptical trainers are low-impact, versatile, and affordable, making them the ideal in-home workout machine. Some people might think elliptical trainers are “too easy” since they are so low-impact, but that’s a major misconception.

Take ProForm Elliptical Trainers for example; they offer high-performance machines designed to work your cardio endurance and tone your upper and lower body. Elliptical trainers can help boost calorie burn, more so than on a traditional treadmill because you have the option to work the upper body simultaneously with the lower body. This means that you torch calories efficiently without destroying your knees or other joints. 2015 ProForm Elliptical Cyber Monday deals are expected to be released very soon, and we highly recommend this trusted brand for elliptical trainers.

If ProForm makes your list of top brands to consider for this holiday season, make sure you get the best model for the best price by doing a little research on the series offered by ProForm before you get shopping. The Endurance Series is a line of front-drive elliptical trainers that are among some of the most popular models. These feature an adjustable stride and are designed for comfort. These models are actually already being discounted to bring in holiday traffic, but hold out if you can because we suspect deeper discounts as Cyber Monday approaches! The SmartStrider Series is another favorite among users as it’s a comfortable rear-drive design that folds for convenience. The Pro Series are also front-drive models, with high-performance features like a power adjustable stride and high-tech consoles. If you have a tech-savvy individual on your holiday shopping list this year, keep an eye out for Cyber Monday deals on these models in particular. Finally, the Hybrid Trainer and Hybrid Trainer Pro are unique options that are affordable, priced under $600, and can be used as a recumbent bike or elliptical trainer. These models make the perfect gift for almost anyone.

Once you’ve done some research and found a few models that might be a good fir for you, you can watch out for 2015 Cyber Monday elliptical trainer deals and sales, and check back here often as the holiday shopping season rolls around once again!