Bowflex Max Intelligence App


The Bowflex Max Intelligence™ App is a recent upgrade for the Bowflex brand with the launch of the Bowflex Max trainers M6 and M8. The design of the app uses artificial intelligence to maximize and achieve your fitness goals. Along with instructor led videos for motivation the app assesses each workout, predicts your next level and automatically creates a personalized workout each time you use it.  It also rewards you for your increased fitness performance. That’s pretty cool – your own personal trainer. It also works with both Android and Apple devices.

Personal Coaching

The Bowflex Max Intelligence™ App is like having your own personal trainer. It oversees your performance (that is unique to you) and it then coaches you and creates/suggests your workouts that will get you to your goals.

Video Workout on Demand

A wide variety of video workouts are lead by fitness instructors who provide motivation as well as educational tips. Based on your fitness levels Bowflex Max Intelligence™ will recommend what it feels is best for you.


By monitoring your workouts and analyzing your steps and goals, Bowflex Max knows when you have reached your goals. And he even celebrates your achievement with rewards; he’s actually quite friendly and pleasant.

Favorite Feature

Our favorite is the artificial intelligence feature, because it actually monitors your performance and is able to assess and choose the workout that’s unique to your fitness levels. It’s a virtual personal trainer encouraging and rewarding you on your fitness journey. Live streaming is what is now reinvigorating the at home gym market, however, in absence of live streaming and a personal trainer, this is the next best thing.

Least Favorite Feature

We don’t have anything we don’t like , the The Bowflex Max Intelligence™ App has been launched with the Bowflex trainers M6 and M8. We hope that it will be accessible  and used with all Bowflex equipment moving forward – maybe even for those pre M6 and M8 versions.


Bowflex Max Intelligence™ App is available through a subscription. It’s fairly affordable, for an annual subscription it will cost $149 but you can also commit month to month for $14.95.

The Bottom Line

It’s a great App, rivalling brands such as Peloton, Nordictrack and the list goes on. Right now, live streaming is part of the excitement, changing how we workout from home. BowFlex Max doesn’t offer live streaming but it does offer a variety of instructor led on demand videos – being on a cloud means it will have constant additions and choices to select. Truthfully, most people are fine with the on demand videos. The artificial intelligence feature is your own personal training coach; each and every time you workout and use the app, it monitors your stats and your history and predicts your next challenge to push you to the next level. That is pretty awesome, you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

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