Nordictrack FS7i vs. FS9i – What’s the Difference?

NordicTrack is known for their high-quality fitness equipment that includes the uniquely designed line of FreeStride Trainers. These models feature a 3-in-1 design that offer users the ability to use the machine as a stair climber, treadmill or elliptical trainer with its unique floating suspension design that can provides an extra long, adjustable 38” stride. Adding to this unique construction, these models also provide a zero impact design as the pedals ride on belts rather than traditional rails like other elliptical trainers. These design points equate to a smooth, almost silent operating machine that is incredibly easy on the joints.

FreeStride Trainer FS7i vs FS9i Comparison chart


These models have few differences other than price that include: the size of the display screen, some differences in program variety and resistance levels, and the ability to decline. The FS9i retails for $2999, which is $1000 more than the FS7i which sells for $1999. For this additional amount, users get a 10” web-enabled color touchscreen display, versus a 7” on the FS7i, as well as 38 instead of 35 built-in workout apps. However; both models are iFit enabled and feature web-enabled color touchscreens along with fully loaded consoles and audio offerings. The FS9i also offers users 26 digital resistance levels, in comparison to the 24 resistance levels available on the FS7i, as well as the ability to both incline and decline. The FS9i provides users with the ability to incline up to 10%, and decline to -10%, which is highly impressive. The FS7i only offers a power adjustable incline of up to 10%, which isn’t bad but that ability to decline is a game changer if you want a piece of equipment that will offer additional options to work various muscle groups and achieve additional fitness goals.

Despite these differences, both models are center-drive trainers (which add to the stability of the trainer, in comparison to rear or front drive trainers) that come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on the parts and 1 year on labor. Both models are equipped with 20 pound flywheels and high weight capacities, making these trainer very sturdy, durable and reliable. In addition to this durability, these models offer users great program variety and entertainment options, as well as multiple adjustable features like a power adjustable incline and auto adjustable stride of up to 38”. While both models make for an ideal trainer for almost anyone, the FS7i is a best buy award-winner as the recipient of the best elliptical trainer for in-home use, and the best center-drive elliptical trainer.

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