Nordictrack Vs. Proform Elliptical – A Look At The Differences

Nordictrack Vs. Proform Elliptical Trainers, side by side

As you gear up to purchase an elliptical trainer, you may be asking yourself, which model should I buy? Do they really vary? What more do you get when you purchase one at a higher price point?

These are just a few of the considerations to think about. Two very popular models you may look at are NordicTrack vs. Proform elliptical trainers. How do these two stack up?

The first thing to keep in mind when doing this comparison is the fact that both of these highly popular brands are made by the same company, ICON fitness. Therefore they are not really in direct competition with each other because the same owner is taking your profit.

Instead, think of them as different models. The Proform model is the companies beginner line, which typically means it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that the NordicTrack does. This means that the NordicTrack is going to be a higher price point as well.

Let’s compare and contrast these more closely so you can get the full picture.


  NordicTrack Proform
Price Point >$1000 <$1000
Full Color HD Consoles Yes No
Adjustable Foot Pedals Yes No
Incline/Decline Feature Yes No
Front Drive Mechanism Yes No
Longer Stride Lengths Yes No
Hybrid Trainer Models Yes No


Here’s a more in depth comparison.

Price Point

Proform Elliptical TrainerFirst let’s address the price point. For those who are sensitive on price, this is probably going to be the defining factor for you. Almost all of the NordicTrack ellitpicals will have a higher price point, up to the $1000+ range.

Proform on the other hand has a number of models under $1000, so if you are on a budget, this is likely the one that you are going to be considering.

Elliptical machines can get to be quite pricey if you want all the fancy features, but if you just want something basic, price doesn’t need to be that limiting factor. You can choose an elliptical that’s less money.

Full Color HD Consoles

Another feature that separates the two is full color HD consoles on the higher end model, the NordicTrack. If you are someone who feels you need this to easily see your time, calories burned, and have more programmable options, this will likely be important for you.

If, on the other hand, you prefer something more basic, then you can likely skip over this as it won’t be that important to you.

When looking at the NordicTrack vs Proform ellipticals, you really need to nail down exactly what it is you need before you start shopping.

It’s very easy to be wowed by the fancy models out there, but if you don’t really need that, why bare the extra cost?

Adjustable Food Pedals

One nice feature that may help for comfort is the adjustable foot pedals that the Nordictrack features. You can change them to fit your own foot size, which then makes pedaling on this machine that much easier.

Adjustable foot pedals can keep your feet from slipping around on the food pads as well, along with prevent you from not taking the correct stance. This in turn could reduce the chances of knee or hip pain down the road, so could an injury prevention mechanism.

If you have the opportunity to try out the two machines, see how important this is for you. Perhaps you will get lucky and your feet will feel great in the regular Proform foot pedals, which will then make this not a feature.

Incline/Decline Feature

Another place that sets these two models apart that is more important to take note of is the ability to incline or decline. This feature ensures that you are able to get the best workout session according to your goals and that you can offer more variety in your training program.

Most people will likely look for this in an elliptical once they get up to a certain fitness level and want to push the barrier with their routine, so it’s something to think about.

On the flip side, if you are someone who is primarily just focused on building strength and are okay with working in one movement pattern, then you may be okay as is to keep the stride at the same incline or decline.

Front Drive Mechanism

NordicTrack Elliptical TrainerWhen looking at the NordicTrack vs. Proform ellipticals, another defining feature that sets these two apart is that the NordicTrack has front drive mechanisms. This makes them more powerful machines overall and they’ll be more likely to withstand constant use over time.

You’ll also likely notice when you stand on the machine and start going that it provides an overall smoother ride, so that’s another reason why some people prefer going with front drive.

Again, it comes down to personal preference. Most people will like the higher end, but some may be perfectly happy without it and should not consider spending more than they really need to.

Longer Stride Lengths

If you are a tall user, you’ll appreciate the longer stride lengths that come with the NordicTrack models. A longer stride length for you means a greater range of motion, which will ensure that all your muscles get worked as they should.

On the flip side however, if you are someone who isn’t that tall and are on the shorter side, you might just find that these stride lengths mean that you struggle to use the machine. Shorter stride lengths are actually more beneficial for you, so you’ll really want to consider this.

It’s again one reason you may want to try each of these out in the store before proceeding onward.

Hybrid Trainer Models

Finally, the last of the advantages of the NordicTrack models versus the Proform ones is that they do come with hybrid trainer machines. These are machines that combine the elliptical with the bike, giving you the option of which you want to use. Once again, if you like variety, this will be a good purchasing decision for you.

So there you have a closer look at the differences between the NordicTrack vs Proform ellipticals. Keep in mind that the exact specifics of each of these will vary depending on which particular machine you purchase, but generally speaking, these can help guide you to know which line you want to look at more closely of the ICON brand.

Regardless, they both are very well regarded machines, so no matter which you choose, you can rest in confidence that you are getting a great machine.

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