ProForm Black Friday and Cyber Monday Elliptical Deals

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Proform Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Proform Endurance 720e
Reg. Price: $1299
Sale Price: $749 
Click to SAVE $550

Proform SMART HIIT Trainer
Reg. Price: $1999
Sale Price: $999 
Click to SAVE $1000 

Proform SMART HIIT Trainer PRO
Reg. Price: $2699
Sale Price: $1399 
Click to SAVE $1300

Are you looking for an elliptical for your home gym? Do you need to update your current model or are you a first time buyer? Well, one of the best times of the year to be shopping is now, and one of the best places to look is ProForm Black Friday and Cyber Monday elliptical deals.  Deep discounts go up to 50% off the retail price. Perfect for any budget whether replacing or building up your home gym. You will likely find some of the following bargains:

  • A durable entry-level ProForm elliptical for under $600
  • A mid-level model with video touch screen for less than $1,000
  • A top-tier ProForm elliptical for under $1,500

Types of ProForm Black Friday & Cyber Monday Elliptical Deals

Ellipticals come in what is called front and rear drive – which means where the flywheel is encased. ProForm makes front drive ellipticals, rear drive ellipticals and hybrid ellipticals. However, ProForm’s front drives offer the best value. They are commercial grade construction, offer a good range of resistance levels and options for various stride lengths.

Best Low-Budget ProForm Elliptical Deal

Normally you can’t get a true elliptical value for less than $600, but ProForm Black Friday and Cyber Monday elliptical deals are exceptions. The ProForm Endurance 520 E, which has a regular price of $999, will likely show up wearing a $599 price tag… if not a tag with a more daring cut! This model is one of the best ProForm candidates for a 60% discount. At 60 percent off the 520 E costs just $399.

Highlights of the Endurance 520 E include a 19” elliptical stride, a 20-pound flywheel and an adjustable tablet holder for iFit Coach personal training.

Best ProForm Elliptical Deal Under $1,000

The Endurance Series will be the best option with regular prices ranging from $999-$1699, at a possible 50% discount. However the Smart Endurance 920E will be the best deal, as it has the 19” adjustable stride, 25 lbs. flywheel and 24 resistance levels. It comes with a 3-year parts warranty and 1-year labor warranty with the lifetime frame.

Best ProForm Elliptical Deals Under $1,500

The Pro Series,  MSRP prices are Pro 9.9 ($1599), Smart Pro 12.9 ($1999) and Smart Pro 16.9 ($2499). With a 50% discount either 12.9 or 16.9 will be good deals. The only difference between the two are screen size and the warranty.

ProForm CardioHIIT

Ready for tougher crosstraining? ProForm CardioHIIT Trainers are higher intensity alternatives to standard elliptical trainers. Like the ProForm ellipticals above, CardioHIIT Trainers are for accomplishing total-body fitness with low impact on your joints… but unlike other ProForms, their default is a steep stride.

Steep pedaling on a CardioHIIT helps maximize your metabolic rate during exercise. You also get generous afterburn with the high intensity interval training programs on board.

Full price in this series of elliptical alternatives exceeds $2,500… but during ProForm Black Friday and Cyber Monday fitness sales, look right here for an under-$1,500 deal on the CardioHIIT Pro. Also check back for the original CardioHIIT, which might sell for around $999.



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