ProForm Black Friday and Cyber Monday Elliptical Deals 2016

Post-Thanksgiving is prime time for scoring ProForm elliptical deals. In past years the best ┬áProForm elliptical discounts Black Friday and Cyber Monday were more than 50%. That’s likely to be the trend in 2017 too, because already ProForm cross-trainers are about 40% off on the brand website. Most if not all ProForm elliptical categories will show up in the sale ads — front, rear and center drive ellipticals, plus the unique Hybrid┬áTrainers and CardioHIIT Trainers.

Our discount newsletters sent the night before each big sale event can alert you to specific Black Friday and Cyber Monday ProForm elliptical deals. Some Black Friday and Cyber Monday ProForm elliptical machine deals will last all day, and others will even carry into December. But some of the best deals disappear within a few hours because supply is so low and demand is high.

Some holiday sale units are ProForm’s cheapest machines and might not suit your taste, but others are elite machines with drastically cut prices. Our ProForm elliptical machine comparison chart can be very helpful, plus the manufacturer’s website lets you compare units side-by-side.

Here are quick overviews of ProForm elliptical categories to consider during holiday sales:

    • The Pro Series features space-conscious yet high quality models. Equipped with 32-pound flywheels and front drives, these are ideal for serious trainees. They have power-adjustable strides and appealing modern consoles.
    • The Endurance Series also features front drive ellipticals with adjustable strides. With maximum 20-degree inclines, these make it easy to naturally rev up your metabolic rate and target-tone your muscles. Already these are being discounted 40 percent for winter sales, so a 50% off or even better deal is within reason for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
    • The SmartStrider Series offers 18″ strides with the convenience of folding frames. These trainers are low-priced considering their rear drive designs, but they aren’t challenging enough for advanced trainees.
    • CardioHIIT Trainers maximize workout time with high intensity interval training that recruits the whole body. These machines use a steep elliptical path to help boost metabolic rate.
    • ProForm Hybrid Trainers are unique crosses between elliptical trainers and recumbent bikes. These low-impact cardio trainers can make great gifts for almost anyone interested in keeping fit with home workouts. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday look for Hybrid Trainer sale prices under $500 with factory-direct shipping included.

Learn more from our free online guide to ProForm ellipticals!

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