Sears Black Friday Elliptical Sales: An Honest Review of the Deals

See our latest list of Black Friday Sales and Deals. Many elliptical trainer sales are featured in Sears Black Friday ads for 2015. Are they truly great elliptical deals? Yes and no. In some cases Sears is apparently using Black Friday to unload not-so-desirable stock. In other cases you can actually get better deals on top ellipticals before Black Friday!  But there’s a great “doorbuster” deal too. We help you sort through the options.

The cheapest models are a $279 ProForm elliptical trainer and a $299 hybrid elliptical/bike by Body Flex. As explained below, these two purchases are risky. Scroll down for reviews of the more reliable products, which are NordicTrack ellipticals sale priced at $599 to $1499.


ProForm 475 E Elliptical – Advertised at $279.99

Sears_Black_Friday_Flyer_2015_Page_56 4The ProForm 475 E is the cheapest elliptical trainer at Sears on Black Friday. Highlights are 14 resistance levels, 14 preset workouts and a sound system that works with iPods. A potential drawback is its 17” fixed stride. Generally a 17” stride is only comfortable for people sized 5’3” and under. (Better elliptical trainers tend to have adjustable strides with 20” maximums.) Another downside: The parts and labor warranty is only in effect for 90 days.

Reviews for this product vary wildly. Some customers are very pleased. They realize that the 475 E isn’t high quality, but they call it good enough for the price. Others complain about shoddy parts and getting poor customer service from ProForm.

Overall the 475 E might be worth a gamble for those seeking a cheap elliptical. At this price you won’t find a better combination of stride length and warranty. (The best alternative under $500 is probably the Gold’s Gym Stride Trainer 410, which costs more but isn’t much better. It has a slightly longer stride but the same 90-day warranty.) Buying the ProForm 475 E at Sears is recommended over buying directly from the manufacturer. At Sears you’ll get better customer service and can purchase an inexpensive extended warranty.


Body Flex Body Power 3-In-1 Trio Trainer – Advertised at $299.99

Sears_Black_Friday_Flyer_2015_Page_23Priced at $299.99 for Black Friday at Sears, plus a 5% discount applied at checkout, the Body Flex Trio Trainer with 17 preset programs is one of the cheapest elliptical trainers on the market. It also serves as a recumbent bike and an upright bike. Normally Sears sells this machine for $349 although the advertised full price is $499. The Body Flex trainer is under warranty for one year.

The low price has appeal, but drawbacks of this hybrid trainer are similar to those of the cheap ProForm elliptical reviewed above. First., the Body Flex Trio Trainer has a small stride range of 10” to 15” (manually adjustable), so it feels more like a stairclimber than an elliptical trainer. Second, quality control is poor. The most common complaint in customer reviews is that the monitor stops working. Third, customers dealing with faulty machines have trouble getting help from the manufacturer.

These disadvantages are typical of ellipticals costing less than $600. A exception on Black Friday 2015 is the NordicTrack Elite 10.7 reviewed below. It’s discounted from $999 to $599 and has a three-year parts warranty.

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NordicTrack Elite 10.7 Target Toning Elliptical – Advertised at $599.99 and $699.99

Here’s a true elliSears_Black_Friday_Flyer_2015_Page_56 3ptical deal! A doorbuster for Black Friday at Sears, the NordicTrack Elite 10.7 Elliptical will sell for $599 when the three-day sale starts on Thursday evening. The price will rise to $699 for Friday afternoon and Saturday. These discounts are significant; the usual Sears price is $899 to $999, and full price is $1499. This purchase is protected with a three-year parts warranty and a one-year labor warranty.

This elliptical model isn’t sold online at NordicTrack. The closest option that you can always buy directly from the manufacturer is the $799 NordicTrack 8.9 Elliptical.

The NordicTrack 10.7 Elliptical has very good essentials: a 28-pound flywheel, 24 resistance levels and a maximum 20” stride that can be adjusted electronically during workouts. It also has a Target Toning Power Ramp. As the incline increases, the stride length changes to help you focus on different muscle groups. Workout support is provided with an impressive menu of 32 preset workouts that control the machine’s incline and resistance. Additional workouts can be downloaded with an iFit membership ($9.99/month). Other perks include wireless heart rate monitoring and iPod-compatible speakers.

Any disadvantages? This trainer shows workout progress on a 6” backlit LED, which is one of the simplest NordicTrack elliptical monitors. It can support some iFit features but can’t display iFit’s video workouts or Google Street View, which would let you virtually exercise anywhere that Google has mapped! For comparison, other NordicTrack ellipticals normally priced at $999 and up have larger touchscreen displays that can stream video and let you browse the web.


NordicTrack Elite 12.7 Elliptical – Advertised at $1299.99

HowSears_Black_Friday_Flyer_2015_Page_57 3 odd! Sears has priced the feature-rich Elite 12.7 Elliptical at $1299 for Black Friday, marked down from $1999… yet in mid-November their online price is even lower: $1169. Shipping is included in both cases and the manufacturer’s warranty is competitive.

The Elite 12.7 has NordicTrack’s best elliptical features, minus a TV. Key specs include a 32-pound flywheel, 26 resistance levels and a 21” adjustable stride. Guidance is provided with an impressive 35 built-in programs, plus this trainer is optimized for use with iFit workout technology. Session progress is shown on a 7” touchscreen that can also be used for Internet browsing.

The NordicTrack Elite 12.7 is only sold at Sears. However, a very similar option at NordicTrack is the Elite 12.9 Elliptical. It normally sells for $1299 with shipping included. We wouldn’t be surprised if they offered a Black Friday discount.


NordicTrack Elite 14.9 Elliptical – Advertised at $1499.99

Sears_Black_Friday_Flyer_2015_Page_56 2The price games continue. A top elliptical from NordicTrack, the Elite 14.9 stands out with great essentials plus a 15” HDTV and a 7” touchscreen with web browser. The Black Friday Sears price is $1499, but is this their best deal? At last check they were selling it for $1349 online. (Full price is $2199.)  This purchase is protected with a five-year parts warranty and a two-year labor warranty.

The Elite 14.9 Elliptical is dressed to impress. It has a 32-pound flywheel, 26 resistance levels and a 20” adjustable stride. Thirty-five workout programs are included, plus iFit can be accessed on the 7” touchscreen. And again, there’s that 15” HDTV to provide distraction and help you exercise longer.

This model is only sold at Sears. The closest option available direct from NordicTrack here is the Elite 16.9, which is normally priced a bit higher at $1699. We recommend checking NordicTrack’s Black Friday sales before choosing the Sears option.


NordicTrack E 7.7 Elliptical – Advertised at $699.99

The Sears_Black_Friday_Flyer_2015_Page_56 5NordicTrack E 7.7 is an elliptical trainer with SpaceSaver technology. This feature is its only advantage over the NordicTrack Elite 10.7, which is deeply discounted to $599 as a Sears Black Friday doorbuster.

Entry-level features of the E 7.7 are a 5” LED, an 18-pound flywheel and a fixed stride of 18”. Its best features are 24 preset programs, a power incline, 22 resistance levels, and basic iFit compatibility.

The E 7.7 Elliptical has a two-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty for labor. The Elite 10.7 has a longer parts warranty.

The Sears Black Friday ad prices the E 7.7 Elliptical at $699 plus shipping ($99), but that’s not their lowest price. At last check their online offer was $629 plus shipping.


NordicTrack E 9.0 Z Elliptical – Advertised at $799.99

The NordSears_Black_Friday_Flyer_2015_Page_57 2icTrack E 9.0Z Elliptical is more robust than the E 7.7 reviewed above, but it doesn’t compete well with the Black Friday doorbuster, the $599 Elite 10.7. Its only advantage is its foldable frame.

This SpaceSaver has a basic 5” LED, an impressive 28-pound flywheel and a nice 20” adjustable stride. Other specs include 26 preset programs, a power incline, 22 resistance levels, and basic iFit compatibility. Owners get a two-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty for labor.

How does it compare with similar models at NordicTrack? If the flywheel weight matters most, then the E 9.0Z is better than comparably priced E Series ellipticals on the NordicTrack website. If the console matters more, then the choices at are more appealing.

The Sears Black Friday price for this product is $799 plus shipping ($99), but that’s not their lowest price. At last check their online offer was $719 plus shipping.


Our Conclusion

Overall the Sears Black Friday elliptical trainer sale is ho-hum. The doorbuster NordicTrack C910i Elliptical is the best value at $599, but this product has a rather simple monitor. Many shoppers are drawn to NordicTrack because of its fantastic iFit option, which requires a more advanced display.

The cheapest elliptical trainers for Sears Black Friday are very low-end products. Equivalents for the best elliptical trainers for Sears Black Friday might be purchased at for comparable prices any old time… and we’re anticipating Black Friday deals. We’d definitely browse NordicTrack’s website before choosing a Black Friday elliptical trainer deal at Sears.