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Pros The new BX E116 is engineered to excel in terms of sculpting/strengthening your whole body and delivering useful feedback. The 30-pound drive is impressive, as it allows smooth motion for all but the heaviest trainees. (For a higher weight capacity, see the E216.) This model is above-average for upper body toning, as it has multi-grip handlebars, and it provides exceptional cardio and lower body training with help from a power incline. Taller trainees will also appreciate how the stride path is longer than average at 22”. Up to four users can store their profiles and track fitness data long-term with a Bowflex app and many other apps compatible with the Bluetooth connectivity. As a serious cardio trainer this new Bowflex elliptical is also equipped with a wireless heart rate monitoring system (chest strap included). A solid warranty, with 2 years coverage on everything.
Cons This Bowflex cross-trainer has its stride fixed at 22”. Since that’s longer than average, this elliptical machine might feel too large for shorter adults. (On the other hand, the pedal incline might help the 22” stride not feel like such a stretch.) Also, this might not be your best elliptical if you’re interested in virtual outdoor workout programs for those bad-weather days when you have cabin fever.
Summary The Bowflex Results BX E116 Elliptical isn’t flashy, but it’s an attractive new option for shoppers interested in serious cross training. At this price point the resistance system has few rivals… plus the multi-grip handlebars, advanced calorie burn data, Bluetooth and other features help it rise above the usual home elliptical. Overall the MSRP of $2499 seems fair and the $1499 sale price looks like a bargain.

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Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical Detailed Overview

Just released for the 2017 beach season, the BX E116 Elliptical ($1499 on sale) is a first look at the new brand Bowflex Results by Nautilus. This new brand also features the E216 Elliptical ($1799 on sale) and two treadmills. Compared with the classic Bowflex collection of home gym equipment, Bowflex Results fitness machines provide more workout programming and richer data feedback… and compared with competing brands, they have superior construction for higher performance and durability. Although this brand is new the great warranties help it launch with high expectations.

The machine’s robust 30-pound drive system is a big selling point: The heavier the drive or resistance system, the smoother the elliptical motion. And with 25 resistance settings, the trainer just right for all workout intensities and ability levels. With this Bowflex elliptical you can get very gentle low-impact cardio exercise, or you can choose more challenging cross training by upping the resistance level and/or increasing the angle of exercise. Pedals on the E116 can incline up to 10% and have adjustable cushioning.

Designed with shared use in mind, Bowflex Results cross trainers can keep up to four user profile. Each machine is shipped with a chest strap for use with the console’s heart rate receiver. Calorie burn data from this new brand is especially accurate and useful too; you’ll see calorie burn per minute (not just overall) for extra motivation. And with Bluetooth connectivity the E116 Elliptical lets you export calorie burn, heart rate and other stats to various fitness apps for tracking.

Our Favorite Features

  • Low-impact exercise with a smooth 30-pound drive
  • Strength and cardio training with 25 levels of resistance
  • 22-inch stride with up to 10 percent incline for targeted muscle toning
  • Handlebars supporting three grip positions for diverse upper-body exercise
  • Adjustable pedal cushioning for custom comfort
  • Preset workout variety with 11 apps
  • Advanced calorie tracking (Per-minute data)
  • Wireless heart rate monitor (Chest strap included)
  • Four user profiles to personalize training
  • Bluetooth connection for data logging
  • Media tray with USB charger for a mobile device
  • Water bottle holder within reach for convenient hydration
  • Space-conscious front drive machine size is practical for most homes

Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Stride Length:22"
Flywheel:30 lbs
Programs:9 Workout Programs
Weight Capacity:400
Dimensions:77" L x 31" W x 70" H

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Stride isn’t adjustable and could be too long for some trainees’ comfort

The Bottom Line

The new Bowflex Results E116 has yet to establish a record, but it’s apparently angling for a Best Buy award in the under $1500 elliptical price bracket. From its cushioned pedals with incline, to the multi-grip handlebars and data-rich console with Bluetooth… this fitness machine is ready to support great results and tell you all about it.

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