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Pros The 525AT is the lowest-priced Total Body Trainer, but it has the same versatility as more expensive Arc Trainers in terms of stride range and incline options. It’s a single unit that offers cross-country gliding, striding and climbing with low stress on the knees.
Cons This model isn’t as powerful as the others in its series.
Summary A streamlined Total Body Arc Trainer, the Cybex 525AT lets trainees simultaneously work their arms and glide, stride or climb while putting little stress on their knees. Its six preset programs support weight loss, cardio training and strength. This full-body trainer has a lower max resistance than others in its series, but has the same number of incline options and the same maximum glide of 24”. Optional add-ons include a 15.6” monitor and the Cybex GO digital platform.

Cybex 525AT Total Body Arc Trainer Detailed Overview

Editor’s Summary: “The commercial Cybex 525AT is a streamlined crosstrainer for total body exercise. It features powerful upper-body resistance plus a choice of three workout styles for the lower body: gliding, striding and climbing. Its advantages over traditional elliptical trainers include faster calorie burn and lower-impact motion.”

The Cybex 525AT is a compact yet capable Total Body Arc Trainer with excellent basics and enticing add-ons. Designed for use in clubs and home gyms, this high quality alternative to elliptical trainers offers the dual benefits of intense training and a low-impact ride. It is the most streamlined Total Body Arc Trainer in a collection that also includes the 625AT arc trainer and 770AT arc trainer.

How it works: Cybex Arc Trainers are distinguished by their patented arc motion. Compared with an elliptical motion, the arc or crescent shape helps trainees burn calories more quickly. At the same time, the Cybex puts minimal stress on knees and other joints. The 525AT supports upper body and lower body motion simultaneously for rapid calorie burn and all-over toning. The lower body stride length has so many possibilities that the 525AT is a three-in-one fitness machine. The maximum stride setting of 24” (61 cm) puts the trainer in “glide” mode. The trainer can also be used at shorter lengths for striding and climbing.

Arc Trainers are popular at gyms because they further each user’s goals in a fun, efficient manner. Preset programs support fast results for cardio fitness, weight loss and strength. The 525AT has a maximum resistance of 600 Watts and can be used at 21 incline levels. The other trainers in this series have a maximum resistance of 900 Watts. All have 21 incline levels and a max 24” stride.

The console has convenience features including a magazine rack, a water bottle holder and two utility trays. Its multilingual computer has the following workout modes: Quick Start (Manual mode), three weight loss, three cardio and two strength. Programs have 10 levels and automatically adjust the Arc Trainer’s incline and resistance.

Feedback include time, distance, calories, calories per hour, strides per minute, incline, resistance, heart rate and heart rate range. Heart rate range is indicated with a color-coded system.

Progress is shown on an 8 x 5 LED, which is the smallest display in this series. The 525AT and other Arc Trainers can be upgraded with a 15.6” high-definition monitor and Cybex GO for more workouts and entertainment including live TV and on-demand video.

Cybex Arc Trainer frames are available in Eclipse Black, Arctic White, Platinum Sparkle and virtually any other color. The whole product is made in the USA with impressive quality control. This purchase is backed by a choice of full commercial, entry commercial and residential warranties.

Our Favorite Features

  • Low impact
  • Train for strength, cardio and weight loss
  • Great for muscle targeting; glide, stride or climb
  • Has preset workout variety
  • Connects with iPhones and iPods
  • Optional Cybex GO Platform for extra workout support and entertainment
  • Optional 15.6” monitor with three viewing modes
  • Long residential warranty
  • Color choice

Our Least Favorite Feature(s)

  • Price
  • Short full commercial warranty
  • No cooling fan
  • No heart rate control
  • Lower maximum resistance (600 Watts versus 900)

The Bottom Line

The Cybex 525AT is a great value for light commercial settings and home gyms. It’s also durable enough for high-traffic gyms, although it’s not as powerful as other Arc Trainers. The vast majority of users will find this trainer to be appropriately challenging and rewarding.