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Octane Zero Runner ZR7 Elliptical

Cybex 770A Lower Body Arc Trainer Review


Octane Zero Runner ZR7 Elliptical

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Detailed Overview

Editor’s Summary: “The commercial 770A is the leading Lower Body Arc Trainer from Cybex. Designed for rapid calorie burn, muscle toning and strength training, it can be used for three low-impact exercises: gliding, striding and climbing. This gym favorite is suitable for all fitness levels.”

The Cybex 770A Lower Body Arc Trainer is a versatile crosstrainer for use in clubs and elite home gyms. This lower-impact alternative to elliptical trainers combines speedy calorie burn with targeted muscle toning. A three-in-one fitness machine, it lets trainees tone their lower body while using an arc-shaped long glide, stride or stairclimbing motion. A special readout shows which muscles are being recruited too. Besides delivering fast results, the Arc Trainer offers the perk of “no elliptical knees” and is remarkably gentle on the whole body.

The 770A features the Cybex CardioTouch display. This touchscreen system gives access to workout and entertainment controls. Trainees can charge a mobile device, scroll through playlists, and set up workouts. Preset workouts are diverse and can be used at a wide range of challenge levels. They include two for weight loss, three for strength, two for shaping, two for power, and three for cardio including heart rate control. This console gets a 4-star rating out of 5. For five stars, additional workouts and high-def video entertainment are available with an optional 15.6” monitor and the Cybex GO digital platform. The premium monitor has three viewing modes: Exercise, Entertainment and Escape.

To help people focus on different muscle groups, the 770A has 21 incline choices and a graphic readout showing which muscles are being recruited most. By choosing different combinations of incline and resistance (max 900 Watts), a trainee can enter any of three exercise zones described as “Glide, Stride and Climb.” This machine also features reverse motion for extra muscle sculpting.

The console for the 770A Lower Body Arc Trainer has a magazine rack, a water bottle holder, two utility trays and a two-speed fan. Cybex Arc Trainers are available in virtually any frame color.

The Cybex 770A has a 10-year frame warranty, a three year parts warranty and a one year labor warranty. It’s built in the USA with excellent quality control.

Our Favorite Features

  • Low impact
  • Train for strength, endurance and weight loss
  • Great for muscle targeting; glide, stride or climb
  • “Load dependent” feature adjusts resistance to user weight
  • Has varied preset workouts
  • Touchscreen display
  • Heart rate control
  • Optional Cybex GO Platform for extra workouts, entertainment and more
  • Optional 15.6” monitor with three viewing modes
  • Color choice for frame
  • Compact size
  • Long parts warranty

Our Least Favorite Feature(s)

  • Price
  • No moving arm bars

The Bottom Line

Combining low-impact workouts with quick results, the Cybex 770A is a top choice for lower body exercise. It makes the short list for elite fitness centers and would be a reliable luxury trainer for a home gym.

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