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Pros The Total Access Arc Trainer is a three-in-one fitness machine. It can be used as a glider, strider or climber and takes up little space for a full-body trainer. In any mode it delivers rapid results by combining speedy calorie burn, impressive muscle sculpting and a low-impact design that promotes endurance. Heart rate control is included on its list of diverse preset programs.
Cons Arc Trainers cost more than traditional fitness machines do. Cybex is banking on the appeal of the three-in-one factor combined with the brand’s reputation for durability.
Summary Enhanced with accessibility features such as handrails and high-contrast controls, the Cybex Total Access Arc Trainer helps more individuals enjoy the benefits of full-body arc training. This model is similar to the standard 625AT but has extra safety features such as stationary handrails and high-contrast colors. Gliding, striding and climbing are all comfortably supported by this versatile fitness machine.

Cybex Total Access Arc Trainer Detailed Overview

Editor’s Summary: “The commercial Total Access Arc Trainer is part of Cybex’s inclusive fitness equipment  collection. This full-body trainer is essentially the Cybex 625AT with changes made to accommodate exercise enthusiasts who have sensory, cognitive or physical impairments.”

The Total Access Arc Trainer is part of Cybex’s Total Access Cardio Series. This series includes a full-body arc trainer, a treadmill and two indoor bikes that accommodate gym members with and without disabilities. Total Access cardio trainers feature simplified displays, high contrast color schemes and other enhancements for safety.

Features that make standard Arc Trainers popular are retained with the Total Access Arc Trainer design. It has the same patented arc motion, which is an effective alternative to elliptical motion. It has moving arm bars and lets trainees comfortably glide, stride or climb for remarkably fast calorie burn and muscle toning. This model has a wide range of resistance (15 to 900 Watts), 21 incline choices and a maximum 24” stride.

Differences between this model and the standard 625AT can be found on the console. On the Total Access Arc Trainer, icons are raised to guide visually impaired users. The buttons are colorful and a larger font is used. The preset program options, however, are the same. The workout modes are Quick Start, Manual, Weight Loss (three choices),  Cardio (three), Strength (two) and Heart Rate Control. These workouts have 10 levels each.

Progress is shown on an 8” x 15” LED. Feedback include time, distance, calories, calories/hour, METs, Watts, strides per minute, incline, resistance, heart rate and heart rate range. Pulse can be monitored wirelessly or with contact grips. Convenience features on the console include a reading rack, a water bottle holder and two utility trays.

Special accommodations include:

  • Locking foot pedals for added stability when getting on/off the machine
  • Side rails for added stability when exercising, mounting and dismounting
  • Large color-contrasted foot pedals

Overall the Cybex Total Access Arc Trainer can help a wide variety of gym members enjoy fast results. It can burn calories up to 16% more efficiently than elliptical trainers can, and its upper body workout arms are up to 80% more effective too.

The Total Access Arc Trainer is made in the USA with Cybex’s exemplary quality control. For full commercial use it has a 10-year frame warranty, a three year parts warranty and a one year labor warranty. Warranties for residential and light commercial use are also available.

Our Favorite Features

  • Safely accommodates a wide range of gym members
  • Low impact
  • Trains people for strength, endurance and weight loss
  • Great for muscle targeting; glide, stride or climb
  • Has preset workouts
  • Has heart rate control
  • Self-powered with optional AC power
  • Three-year commercial parts warranty

Our Least Favorite Feature(s)

  • Price
  • No cooling fan
  • Not available with entertainment monitor

The Bottom Line

The versatile Cybex Total Access Arc Trainer helps more individuals access physical fitness in a safe manner. Just as powerful as other Cybex Arc Trainers, it has several added safety benefits such as handrails and high-contrast colors. This durable fitness machine has a wide resistance range (15 to 900 Watts) to give just about anyone a just-right challenge.