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The ElliptiGo brand was officially launched in January 2009 in San Diego by friends Brent and Bryan, but it took years of prototypes and test rides to create their current models of outdoor elliptical bikes. The inspiration for the overall idea of an outdoor elliptical bike came from the necessity to find a low-impact alternative to running and biking, that is still challenging and able to be used outdoors instead of in a gym.

ElliptiGo trainers operate very similarly to a traditional bicycle, with a similar set-up, brakes and gear system, but what makes these trainers so unique is their use of an adjustable stride and standing upright design where the user pedals like you would on an elliptical trainer. The aluminum designed frame makes these trainers very light, with the ability to move up to 25 mph, and the frames are also built to be stored indoors but removable handlebars and an adjustable stride for easy storage. Since their very first delivery to their very first customer in February, 2010, the brand has gone global.

Outdoor Elliptical Bike Series : 

The ElliptiGo outdoor elliptical bike series includes a range of models: the 3C, the 8C and the 11R. Ranging in price from $1,799 to $3,499, these uniquely designed trainers are a cross between a traditional bicycle and an elliptical trainer that allows users to essentially “run” without the impact of running. Controlling the trainer using similar handlebars set-up and a traditional brake system to a bicycle, these outdoor trainers are easy to use and ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy working out outdoors instead of a gym but without the impact of running of biking.

Each of the models features an adjustable stride of 16 to 25 inches and an adjustable steering column and handlebars. Users control the trainer with the linear pull rim brakes with levers on either side of the handlebars, and the speeds, or resistance levels, vary based on the model, ranging from three to eleven speed options. All of the models are designed using an aluminum frame, making these trainers very light-weight and ranging in weight from 39.4 to 44 pounds. The top two models also include a carbon-fiber drive arm for even lighter and smoother design. For storage, all models feature either a folding or removable steering column, and all include a removable front wheel. Each model comes equipped with a five year warranty on the frame, three on essential parts, and one year on other components.

Brand Highlights

  • Frame: Light-weight, durable aluminum frame for optimum speed; also features a folding or removable steering column (depending on the model) for easy storage
  • Brake System: Linear pull-rim brakes for smooth stopping and more control from the user (similar to a traditional bicycle)
  • Customizable Features: Adjustable stride from 16 to 25  inches, and adjustable height steering column
  • Ergonomic Design: Adjustable steering column and soft grip multi-position handlebars   

Brand Lowlights

  • Warranty: Many trainers similar to this one offer a lifetime warranty on the frame; however, these trainers offer only a five year warranty on parts, with two years on major parts and one year on other components
  • Rollers: Having an open track for the rollers means debris getting into tracks (smooth terrain is recommended)
  • Climbing Grade and Speed: Despite increase in price, most of the models in the series maintain around a 20% climbing grade and 15 mph cruising speed

Bottom Line

ElliptiGo has created an incredibly uniquely designed trainer that allows users to get the cardiovascular benefits of running and biking without the hash impact on joints, all while outdoors avoiding gyms or indoor workouts (though the trainer can be made stationary with additional features to purchase). If you are looking to go for a run, this model is great for protecting joints and provides a surprisingly good and diverse workout, giving you the flexibility to adjust your workout difficulty by changing gears or workout terrain. Not to mention, you get to do it outside. Since there is no console, users cannot track or monitor their workouts as easily as some ellipticals, or enjoy entertainment features like MP3 compatibility, so you'll need to do this with a portable device.

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  • Stephen Martinez January 25, 2019 at 9:08 pm from Chicago, il
    These ellipticals seem very cool! However, I guess unless you try it - you won't know if these weird hybrid things will actually give you a good workout. Maybe I'll buy one, give it a try and just return it to Amazon if I don't like it!

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