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Epic Fitness has been around for less than 15 years, but already has a strong reputation among both fitness experts and home gym users. The brand started out with an emphasis on strength training equipment, but soon became popular with the home gym market. This led to the development of a few very special features that are only found on Epic machines. These include a SafeZone shut down mode when children or pets come near, along with features that support longer workouts and quality results.

Incredibly Sturdy Design: Epic Fit started out as a key player in the strength training arena, and all of their current elliptical machines reflect these roots. Sturdy, durable machines with high weight capacities and above-average flywheels and warranties, these elliptical machines are designed to withstand multiple daily uses – making it perfect for family life.

Safety First: All three of the Epic Fit ellipticals feature some sort of pedal design or adjustment for the ultimate in comfort. They also feature an adjustable stride length, which means you are able to set the machine at what fits your body most appropriately. This leads to faster results, a reduction in injuries and the ability to focus on what you need specifically instead of an across-the-board approach to fitness.

Added Perks: Epic Fit boasts a huge array of workout apps on their machines – ranging from 30-43 programs. This is way beyond the standard 10-20 you’ll find on other brands, and each console includes customizable programs as well as the preset options. With iFit compatibility, you can enjoy a full-color screen on higher-end models and the opportunity to never grow weary of working out thanks to multiple entertainment options.

Brand Highlights

  • Frame: Sturdy and durable
  • Console: Select models come with a full-color 10” touchscreen console. Get ready for interaction, entertainment and a quick learning curve.
  • Customization: Quick start programs can be programmed into the console for a workout app that is truly designed with your specific needs/wants in mind.
  • Design: Epic Fit ellipticals are sleek and gorgeous – no eye sores here.
  • Safety: Epic Fit is the first mainstream home elliptical manufacturer to use SafeZone – an automatic machine shut down whenever a child or pet comes near. This greatly reduces home injuries and can leave you feeling a lot better about your home gym choice.
  • Ergonomics: Moveable handlebars, cushioned pedals, adjustable stride length – Epic’s ellipticals don’t only reduce the instance of injury – it also prevents it.
  • Noise: Due to silent magnetic resistance and a heavy flywheel, these machines are very smooth.
  • Warranty: Epic Fit offers very generous warranties including lifetime on frame and up to five years on parts with some models.
  • Program Range: 30-43 workout apps, depending upon the model you purchase. This is an incredibly generous range.

Brand Lowlights

  • Affordability: These can get quite pricey when it comes to the higher-end model, but the A30E is often sold under $1,000 for those on a budget.
  • Consistency: The machines don’t always boast the best consistency. Some features left off of mid-priced models exist on the lower-priced machines.
  • Availability: These ellipticals are sold exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods – so if you want to try one out before purchasing it, you need to ensure there’s a location near you.

Bottom Line

Epic Fitness is a likeable company with a good reputation. Selling durable, beautiful elliptical machines with plenty of bells and whistles, both expert and novice home gym builders will appreciate the comfort and results an Epic elliptical brings.

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