There are plenty of benefits to working out beyond simply burning calories.

A few minutes on the elliptical each day can improve more than your physical appearance, as exercise is also known to boost self-esteem, provide extra energy, and reduce stress. For many, the gym offers the perfect social atmosphere to find a potential romantic partner. How’s that for a benefit?

We surveyed over 1,000 people about their gym habits, from how often they take selfies to their preferred workout gear, to determine the potential catalysts and outcomes to iron-pumping pickup lines. Keep reading to see what we discovered about approaching potential partners at the gym.  

Making Moves and Gains

Some behaviors can annoy people who share the same workout space, and our research shows some of these same behaviors are correlated with an increased tendency to hit on others at the gym.

People who drank protein shakes and flexed in the mirror were more than twice as likely to hit on someone while working out. The habit of taking supplements also resulted in exactly twice as many people hitting on others at the gym.

Even if you haven’t seen someone take a gym selfie in real life, you’ve probably seen one pop up on social media. In fact, people who regularly took gym selfies admitted to making moves on someone else at the gym nearly twice as often as people who didn’t take gym selfies.

What to Wear?

Athletic gear is popular, even as clothing for everyday use. From yoga pants to sweats and hoodies, the activewear industry is expected to generate more than $184 billion by 2020 globally. Even big-name celebrities have gotten in on the athleisure trend (and involved in the business). Our survey revealed wearing certain types of clothes to the gym increased the odds of being approached by a potential partner.

Roughly a third of men who wore hoodies or tank tops to the gym were hit on at least once while working out. However, women were far more likely to have a pass made at them regardless of their outfit. Half of women who wore tank tops at the gym were hit on at least once before, while 47 percent of women who wore athletic shorts had someone make a move on them during a workout session.

Overall, 43 percent of women have been hit on at the gym, while 21 percent of men have experienced the same thing.

Making an Impression 

People who had someone make a pass at them while working out tended to have lengthier workout sessions and more frequent trips to the gym each month compared to those who haven’t been hit on.

The average gym session for these people was just over an hour, compared to 56 minutes for those who haven’t been hit on. Thankfully, experts largely agree the amount of time someone should spend at the gym is different for everyone, so there’s no right or wrong length for your stay. That said, people who have been hit on went to the gym almost 30 percent more regularly than those who haven’t.

Interestingly, average gym membership fees dropped as people reported being hit on more often. Perhaps this behavior occurs more often in gyms of lower price ranges. Or maybe people in lower-priced gyms are more sociable with one another. Regardless, we found a lower average monthly fee corresponded with members approaching each other more often.

The Value of a Personal Trainer

The numerous – albeit expensive – benefits of a trainer are well-known, but the mere presence of a trainer you find attractive may even persuade you to hit the gym more often.

People who fantasized about a trainer exercised more frequently and for longer intervals. As it turns out, crushing on a trainer is a win for your physique. Not only that, people paid an average of roughly $6 more for their membership each month if they fantasized about their trainers. A good-looking trainer could be a financial win for your local gym, as well.

Thanks, But No Thanks

Unsolicited advice is another pet peeve that can bother people when working out. That advice might be even less appreciated when it involves physical contact. Nearly half of women were uncomfortable when someone other than a physical trainer touched them at a gym, compared with only 11 percent of men. Perhaps that’s partially because 77 percent of the women surveyed said the person who touched them was sweaty.

Men and women had their own versions of somewhat creepy behaviors while working out. While nearly 3 in 4 men admitted to staring at other people at the gym, nearly 1 in 10 women secretly snapped photos of other people working out.

The Added Benefits of Working Out  

So what is the typical result of hitting on someone at the gym? For 2 in 3 people who approached another person at the gym, that pass turned into a hook-up. The flirtation turned into a date for more than 60 percent of people, and it blossomed into a relationship for nearly 1 in 4 gym-goers.

Work Out on Your Own Terms

 If you were to meet a partner at the gym, the odds are you would already have a few things in common. What’s more, experts say working out together is good for couples for many reasons. It gives you time to spend with each other, but it also has the potential to lead to better sex and companionship by adding a sense of healthy competition and accountability to your relationship.


We surveyed over 1,000 people who have been to the gym at least 10 times. Many of these people reported a previous approachment or two by potential partners at these locations. To determine common precursors and results of this behavior, we asked survey participants about everything from standard workout habits to the extent of their success when talking to a love interest at the gym.  

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