FreeMotion Elliptical Reviews 4 FreeMotion Fitness began in 1999, and is currently part of the ICON Health & Fitness family. With the concept that one-dimensional training doesn

FreeMotion Elliptical Machine Reviews

FreeMotion Fitness began in 1999, and is currently part of the ICON Health & Fitness family. With the concept that one-dimensional training doesn’t carry over into a three-dimensional world, FreeMotion aims to be a diverse and customizable brand of elliptical trainers, along with other machines that keep the whole physique toned and healthy.

Within their elliptical line, there are a few different things that have been pioneered by FreeMotion. First, they were the first to offer a full circuit of integrated functional strength training equipment. Workouts aren’t just about remaining the same pants size – it also means growing stronger and more empowered to take on life’s daily challenges through a more healthful and durable body. They are also the innovators behind Workout TV™, the very first cable-access television networked into each elliptical console. Finally, EPIC Strength™ brings forth ergonomic fitness machines with features designed to improve and increase strength without compromising on personal safety.

When you’re looking for a top of the line elliptical, here are a few FreeMotion machines worth trying:

FreeMotion e11.6: The FreeMotion e11.6 elliptical is an advanced machine that transforms your workout sessions into some serious training. The elliptical includes 20 different resistance levels, along with various stride adjustments to keep your muscles engaged and challenged. This elliptical also features a 10” full-color touch screen, allowing you to both browse the web while you exercise, as well as connect to iFit for some realtime terrain via Google Maps.

FreeMotion 570: The FreeMotion 570 elliptical machine fully-interactive elliptical machine keeps users motivated via blogs, Web programs, radio stations, news sites and much more. Add in an iFit membership, and you will find yourself being pushed even further by celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels through your interactive console. 36 different workout apps are built into the 570 to give you the ultimate in both variety and challenges. The adjustable stride length will effectively tone your lower body without sacrificing your upper strength, which receives its own workout via moveable handlebars. Best of all, you will benefit from a specially designed toning ramp, which climbs from -10 to 20 degrees.

FreeMotion 510 Rear Drive: The FreeMotion 510 elliptical is the premier rear drive elliptical machine from the FreeMotion brand. It comes with a convenient space saving design – just fold up the base and pedals to move the machine out of the way for whatever you have planned. While the machine is capable of being compact, it is still incredibly functional with its 30 different workout apps designed with the elliptical’s Power Intensity Ramp ™. Have you ever pushed to a 30-degree incline? Now you can with the ultimate in rear drive innovation.

Brand Highlights

  • Frame: These are commercially-designed machines, meaning their frames are strong and truly stand the test of time.
  • Ergonomic: With moving handlebars and rotating pedals, you can rest assured that FreeMotion elliptical machines will protect your joints and muscles from injury while you get in shape.
  • Interactive Capabilities: An iFit subscription fits the bill perfectly when you’re looking for in-depth personal training experience combined with the inviting technology of Google Maps terrains right before you.

Brand Lowlights

  • Warranty: Some of these elliptical machines only carry a 1-year warranty, and a “life time guarantee” on the frame doesn’t necessarily mean your lifetime. It could simply mean the expected lifetime of the machine.
  • Price: The FreeMotion elliptical line doesn’t come cheap. As these are designed for commercial floors as well as home use, you can expect to spend upwards of $4,000 per elliptical machine.
  • Assembly: These can be tricky to assemble, and so it can be a bit of a wait to not only receive these machines, but also set them up.

Bottom Line

FreeMotion is a likeable brand that is backed by the strong reputation of ICON Health & Fitness. When you’re looking for a durable, effective machine that will truly set you toward your ultimate fitness goals, FreeMotion is ideal for toning, weight loss and overall strength training.

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