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Pros The FreeMotion E7.7 elliptical machine is a commercial-quality fitness product designed to impress. It comes with a 10-inch touch screen display, providing you with all workout stats along with the ability to work out alongside Jillian Michaels with the iFit membership.
Cons There truly aren’t many downsides to the E7.7, except possibly the high price tag. However, this is understandable as this elliptical is also considered suitable for professional gym use. The warranty that lasts only a year for the console is also a bit rough. Finally, it has quite a large footprint – measuring over six feet long.
Summary This commercial grade elliptical machine is a great value for the price. While the E11.6 will run you a much higher payment, this reliable elliptical is more modest in price without lacking in features. Enjoy a full-color LCD display that features multiple windows of stats and updates. The LCD screen also has a quick touch button that helps you select from your favorite pre-set workout programs. The adjustable stride is also a big selling point for the FreeMotion E7.7 – you will find a range from 15”-35” – an almost unheard of measure of variation on elliptical machines within this price bracket.

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FreeMotion E7.7 Elliptical Detailed Overview

The FreeMotion E7.7 is a great elliptical trainer that will get results while challenging you to enjoy yourself. Its self-generating power supply means your heart will get pumping and you’ll feel good about preserving the environment and your electricity bill at the same time. The handlebars of the E7.7 are movable for a more intense challenge to the upper body, while an electromagnetic resistance system ensures a smooth and quiet ride.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the FreeMotion E7.7 elliptical trainer:

  • Incredible adjustable stride from 15-35 inches
  • Electromagnetic resistance system keeps things smooth and silent
  • Full color LCD display with multiple console windows
  • Accurately recorded stats display as you exercise
  • Self-powered machine saves you both money and promotion of green living
  • Cooling fan and water bottle holder
  • 450 lb weight capacity
  • iFit compatible with 8 weeks of personal training included
  • Mp3 compatible
  • Decent warranty with a lifetime on frame, three years on parts and two years on labor – quite a bit better than other ellipticals in its price range.

Our Least Favorite Features

A few downsides to the FreeMotion E7.7 elliptical machine:

  • This is not a compact machine – you will need at least six feet of space to accommodate the length of this elliptical
  • It can be expensive, so be sure to shop around for the best deal

The Bottom Line

The FreeMotion E7.7 is a top-grade elliptical machine that is often found in professional fitness gyms as well as in the comfort of many fitness families’ homes. With a music port, LCD touch screen and plenty of room to adjust your stride to what feels best, many agree that the E7.7 is the perfect combination of technology, safety and results. Multiple family members can use this machine thanks to its incredible durability and adjustable stride length. You will also certainly find a built-in program that works well for you out of the nine options that focus on various components of overall physical fitness.

Splurge on an iFit membership for the ideal combination of a sturdy machine and personal motivation found through Google Maps terrain and tough talks from Jillian Michaels. You’ll be hard pressed to find better accountability and more reasons to work out than you will with a celebrity coach pushing you further every step of the way.

While the heart rate sensors are located in the handlebars, you may want to monitor your heartrate independently as well, due to the reputation hand grips have for inaccurate readings. However, the hand grips are also attached to movable handlebars for a truly toned upper body and plenty of other physical challenges. A wireless chest strap is available for purchase if you are concerned about accurate heart rate readings but don’t know what to buy for the best report possible.

The FreeMotion E7.7 is truly a superior elliptical machine that will reap the results you want without so high a risk of injury or burn out.

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