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Pros The Gazelle Edge is a very low-cost and low-impact option for aerobic exercise. It can be used by children and adults, at a slow walking pace or more intensely. For all but the tallest users it supports long ranges of motion for the arms and legs. The Gazelle Edge has a 250-pound capacity yet is lightweight, takes up little space and is easy to fold for storage.
Cons Many customers who are in relatively good shape report that the Gazelle Edge isn’t capable of supporting a worthwhile exercise session. Resistance on this product is very low, and compared with a standard entry-level elliptical machine it supports a low rate of calorie burn. Customers have also reported the Edge breaking down within six months or a year of use.
Summary For shoppers seeking low-impact exercise at a very low price, the Gazelle Edge is a better choice than similarly-priced elliptical trainers because 1) it’s truly low-impact on the body and 2) it’s likely to endure through many more exercise sessions. However, the resistance on this workout gadget is weak. The Gazelle Edge can’t compete with true fitness machines in terms of calorie burn and muscle sculpting.

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Gazelle Edge Elliptical Detailed Overview

The Gazelle Edge is a $125 foldable glider for aerobic exercise. It’s especially designed for low-impact motion, or exercise that is relatively gentle on the ankles, knees and other joints and ligaments. Shoppers sometimes choose the Gazelle Edge as a low-cost alternative to elliptical machines. Compared with very low budget ellipticals the Gazelle Edge is a good buy — but compared with good quality ellipticals it has significant shortcomings.

We’re most impressed by customer reviews of the Gazelle Edge glider as truly gentle on the body. This is in stark contrast to reviews of the very cheap elliptical trainers against which the Gazelle Edge competes. The difference is that the Edge allows healthy range of motion for the upper body and lower body, whereas cheap elliptical machines tend to have terribly short strides that lead to knee strain and back pain.

Another strong point of the Gazelle Edge compared with cheap ellipticals is its durability. Although some customers have reported that their Edge broke down within a few months of purchase, such reports are far less common than what we see with comparably priced elliptical machines. You can reasonably expect to get at least a year’s worth of exercise from this gadget, and that seems like a good deal for $125.

But overall we give the Gazelle Edge just 1.5 of five potential stars. This gadget can be used by people at all skill levels, but many won’t find it worthwhile. Most importantly, the resistance is very low. Thus the user burns calories at a much lower rate compared with elliptical training and doesn’t get the same strength-training benefits. Some customers have even described the exercise as “pointless” compared with their usual cardio training.

Footprint dimensions for the Gazelle Edge are 28″ W x 43″ L. An additional two to three feet of clearance is needed in front of the machine when it’s in use. This workout equipment can be folded for storage against a wall or in a closet.

Our Favorite Features

  • Compact size makes the Gazelle Edge convenient to use and store in smaller homes
  • Low impact motion earns praise from people with joint pain
  • For all skill levels the Gazelle Edge is easy to use, and a DVD for the Gazelle Edge glider shows six simple exercises that the unit supports.
  • Quiet operation is generally reported, although some customers have complained about squeakiness
  • Low price makes this gadget compete well against discount elliptical trainers

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Very light resistance from the perspectives of experienced speed walkers and runners
  • No console for programming, entertainment or conveniences (eg., no workout fan, workout programs, ledge for a magazine or mobile device, or water bottle holder)
  • Moves across smooth floors so needs to be used on a workout mat or in a carpeted room

The Bottom Line

The Gazelle Edge is one of the better low-budget alternatives to elliptical machines. It offers a pain-free way to get cardiovascular exercise, and that’s unfortunately rare in the world of very cheap fitness equipment. But still, you get what you pay for… The Gazelle Edge is bare-bones in terms of features, and more importantly it’s an inefficient calorie burner when compared with a typical fitness machine. It also pales in comparison to good quality elliptical machines in terms of strengthening muscles and sculpting the body.

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