HealthRider Elliptical Reviews 2 HealthRider debuted in the early 1990s as a fitness company that was able to produce machines with impressive results and a reasonable price tag. Mill

HealthRider Elliptical Machine Reviews

HealthRider debuted in the early 1990s as a fitness company that was able to produce machines with impressive results and a reasonable price tag. Millions were introduced to the original machine, which allowed for a total-body workout that didn’t feel too much like exercise compared to how fun and good it felt to use. With a unique leverage system that works well with weight distribution and joint health, you will experience a low-intensity workout on all the HealthRider elliptical machines of today. Enjoy fitness from a new combination of innovative technology, ease of use and a lowered risk of bodily injury.

Within their elliptical line, there are currently three models to choose from. While this is certainly not the largest or most diverse line of elliptical machines available in today’s market, HealthRider’s smaller product line allows for quality assurance and only the features that truly matter most when it comes to improving how you look and feel.

Tony Little Hybrid Trainer: Television fitness start Tony Little has long been known for his infomercial fitness products. He has now joined up with HealthRider to represent a more sturdy and reliable machine than what you'll find by simply calling a phone number flashing across your TV screen, they launched the Tony Little Hybrid Trainer. With 14 digital resistance levels and also 14 built-in workout programs, you can choose from a quick and easy maintenance workout, or challenge yourself further with something a bit more intense. This machine is great for upper-body toning and muscle strength.

Tony Little Hybrid Trainer

HealthRider H50e Elliptical: The affordable, HealthRider H50E Elliptical is a no-frills machine that has an adjustable stride length and 18 different workout apps to choose from. Utilize the heart rate monitor included in the handlebars, allowing you a wireless tracking system to help you stay on track. Nine of the included programs are focused on calorie burning, and the other nine are designed by a personal trainer for maximum overall results. This elliptical machine also comes with iFit Live technology, including interaction with Google Maps and celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels for an engaging, visually appealing workout.


H50e Elliptical



HealthRider Stride Trainer 900: The HealthRider Stride Trainer 900 elliptical is designed with your personal fitness goals in mind – with a higher weight capacity than other manufacturers, and both an adjustable stride and incline, this machine provides continual challenges and will go the distance with you.

Stride Trainer 900 Elliptical


Brand Highlights

  • Frame: Commercial-grade steel frame comes with a lifetime warranty in most models
  • iFit Technology: Get more engaged with Google Maps real life terrains and encouraging coaching from Jillian Michaels.
  • Heart Rate Reader: Certain models come with a a heart rate monitor right in the handlebars, so all you need to do is grip them for a reading.
  • Low-Impact: All HealthRider machines are designed to keep your joints healthy and your body safe for daily workouts. You’ll experience less physical stress with the low-impact quality that will protect your physique without compromising the results.
  • Affordability: Great price for what you get. You can own an elliptical for as little as $600.

Brand Lowlights

  • Warranty: Some of these elliptical machines only carry a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Even worse, the Tony Little Hybrid Trainer only guarantees 90 days.
  • Noise: The machines are not the smoothest of rides, and all have been known to be pretty noisy/squeaky during workouts.
  • Assembly: The HealthRider elliptical products are notoriously difficult to assemble, and oftentimes require greasing and more than one person to get the job done.

Bottom Line

HealthRider is a small but mighty fitness company that offers a modest selection of elliptical machines. Despite this, they are very popular with budget-conscious folks who want a quality product in their home gym. These aren’t the most durable or smooth ellipticals available for purchase today, but they do hold up and yield results. Many feature special Internet connections like iFit, allowing you to map out real terrain via Google Maps, as well as be pushed onward by celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels. It also has in-handle controls for your heart rate monitoring, which frees you from any wires found on other manufacturers’ machines. All in all, the HeathRider brand is simple, straightforward and perfectly capable of yielding impressive results. If you’re looking for something that will get you fit without all the bells and whistles, you’ll be happy. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in technology, you may want to look elsewhere.

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