Black Friday Elliptical Deals

As bellies swell from Thanksgiving meals, minds turn to calorie burn — rapid calorie burn! Elliptical machines are among the world’s most efficient calorie blasters, and Black Friday is one of the best days to shop elliptical sales all year. Read on for tips to shop the Black Friday elliptical sales like a pro.

Black Friday is Here – And So Are the Sales!

Here are our top picks for the best ellipticals sales and deals today:

Offline vs Online Elliptical Sales

On Black Friday all sorts of online and offline vendors compete for elliptical sale shoppers. But who generally offers the best deals? The factories! Here are three reasons to stay home on Black Friday and shop on the fitness equipment manufacturers’ websites:

  1. Product Price: Factory-direct product prices are usually the lowest.
  2. Shipping Cost: Factory shipping is usually free for residential ellipticals in the contiguous 48 states. Shipping from sellers other than the factory, in contrast, is less likely to be free.
  3. Customer Protections: Factory-direct warranties tend to be the most generous. Covering replacement parts and warranties, these warranties can be very valuable. In comparison, sometimes a retailer can match the manufacturer’s sale price but has to provide a shorter warranty in order to see a profit.

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Types of Black Friday Elliptical Deals

Although Black Friday is best known for bargains, merchants advertise everything from true bargains to lousy deals. Know these main characters as you shop the elliptical sales…

True Bargains: Retiring Ellipticals

The best elliptical bargains on Black Friday will involve a variety of “retiring” machines. These models might have been top sellers in 2015 and 2016, but new versions for 2017 are already in production. As merchants aim to introduce new inventory, they drop prices on the old. Expect discounts of 40% on the tried-and-true cross trainers.

These “best elliptical bargains” are often used as Black Friday doorbusters. They tend to sell out quickly, so shopping earlier in the day can pay off.
Lousy Deals: Mediocre Machines
Troublemakers lurk among the true Black Friday bargains. These ellipticals are deeply discounted because they’re associated with hassles. Examples of possible problems are consoles prone to flickering and cheap plastic pedals prone to breaking during use.

Steering clear of these phony bargains is generally easy with a bit of impulse control and research. Read honest elliptical reviews and read the specs list carefully before making a decision.

So-So Specials: Everyday Sale Ellipticals

Besides being a day for serious savings, Black Friday is also a time to find elliptical sale prices that are attractive even if not spectacular. Prices might be 20% off, for example, but they’ve also been 20% off during elliptical sales throughout 2016.

Also in the category of so-so specials: On Black Friday you could save a few hundred dollars on a new 2017 elliptical. That’s obviously better than paying full price, but the price will certainly drop over time.

Last-Minute Black Friday Elliptical Sales

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