Cyber Monday Elliptical Deals

Following Black Friday, Cyber Monday is traditionally one of the year’s biggest days for elliptical sales. Buying online is the best way to get elliptical deals any time of year — generally the prices are lower, warranties are longer and delivery is easier — and on Cyber Monday the added bonus is even more dramatic discounts. This applies for everything from entry level ellipticals to club-quality cross-trainers.

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Get Ready! Know Your Cyber Monday Objective

Sales hype is distracting. Streamline your Cyber Monday elliptical sale shopping by figuring out beforehand what a true bargain would be.

Elliptical trainer sale prices change often. With weekend and holiday sales events occurring throughout the year, the price for a given elliptical trainer can vary by hundreds or more from one week to the next. Our point is that in the case of many popular brands, even a large percentage off is somewhat gimmicky. You can generally avoid paying full price even before Cyber Monday rolls around… so what’s a serious Cyber Monday elliptical sale price?

Generally you can expect 40% off the full price at the best Cyber Monday sales. To get a sense of what’s usual and what’s extraordinary, check our free in-depth elliptical reviews. Besides evaluating the machines part-by-part, our elliptical reviews include guidance about regular retail prices and online sale prices. You can start with reviews on our lists of typical best buys in several price categories.

We’ve prepared brand reviews too, so you can quickly learn about variety and similarities in each elliptical machine collection.

Choose your favorite and be ready to snap up a bargain Monday morning! Unlike elliptical sales earlier in the year, Cyber Monday elliptical sales often feature limited quantities of the year’s most popular models — and if a unit is being revamped for next year, you can’t get a raincheck; production time is through.

Make a List, Check it Twice…

It’s easy to change course in the middle of Cyber Monday madness. Before you shop the elliptical sales, set some clear-headed guidelines: Make a list of must-have features for your new elliptical trainer.

To help you build a list and analyze any trainer, our elliptical reviews evaluate the machines part-by-part. For instance, one important quality is machine size. We include machine dimensions, and simply knowing the following can seriously speed up your elliptical sale search: Rear drive elliptical trainers are the longest machines, so sometimes they are built with folding frames. Front drive ellipticals are shorter, and center drive ellipticals are compact with square footprints instead of long rectangular footprints.

Another major factor to consider before hitting the elliptical sales is stride path. The path length can be different from one model to the next. Also, the length can be fixed or variable, and the elliptical path can be simply flat or have multiple incline settings for targeted muscle toning.

Reading the latest elliptical reviews also helps ensure that you don’t miss out on special new options. For example, the newest ellipticals support automatic wireless logging of fitness stats, making it easy to update your FitBit account and other popular mobile apps for fitness.

Find Elliptical Deals Last-Minute

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