Black Friday Elliptical Deals Online

Keep fit this winter with indoor training

What’s popular in elliptical shopping this Black Friday? Find out with our latest BF guide. Buying online! Avoiding crowds while getting the lowest price makes online shopping a smart choice. On Black Friday this year you can get the same sorts of online elliptical deals that Cyber Monday once kept to itself, with discounts 40% off being easy to find. Some of these major elliptical discounts are available on Thanksgiving Day or earlier, too. Read on for details about Black Friday elliptical deals on this year’s outgoing models and the newest rides.

Black Friday Elliptical Deals Overview

Which ellipticals are put on sale for Black Friday? Often the biggest elliptical discounts are on popular models being replaced by slightly upgraded versions. Differences between the two model years might be minor but the price difference can be significant. Example: You could spend $999 on a discounted elliptical that was designed for this year and once cost $1999… or you could spend $1999 on the new version for next year.

There’s another category to look out for though: crummy ellipticals. Even on Black Friday, some deals are too good to be true. A challenge for shoppers is knowing the difference between low-priced ellipticals that are worth buying and those that have disappointingly low quality. With that in mind, our website has an elliptical buyers’ guide with details about different parts of an elliptical machine. We also provide brand overviews and hundreds of product reviews.

Here are overviews of ellipticals in a few categories and across price levels.

Folding Ellipticals and other Space-Saving Ellipticals

Folding elliptical trainers are designed especially for homes with smaller workout areas. After each training session these fitness machines can be folded up to reveal more floor space. Transport wheels are attached for easy repositioning too.

Folding an elliptical trainer is quick and easy, but maybe you’d prefer a unit that’s set up more permanently. If space is limited then the best non-folding option is probably a center drive elliptical. Center drive ellipticals have relatively small footprints compared with rear drive and front drive ellipticals. (Rear drive ellipticals are the largest.) Besides being favored for their compact dimensions, center drive elliptical machines are well-liked for making it easy to keep a healthy posture during training.

“Smart” Elliptical Machines

The electronics on fitness machines advance with each model year. One of the newer features highlighted in Black Friday elliptical sale ads this year is Bluetooth for connecting with smartphones and tablet computers. Ellipticals with Bluetooth connections typically support wireless tracking and automated syncing for fitness data. For example, for each elliptical workout session they can send info about heart rate and calorie burn to an all-in-one health management app such as FitBit, iHealth or MyFitnessPal.

Additionally some of this year’s ellipticals can download workout programs. One popular platform for workout downloads is iFit. iFit provides hundreds of video workouts as well as personalized workout routines. iFit’s Google Maps workouts are most popular of all. On elliptical trainers with automated ramps the Google Maps programs can simulate the rise and fall of real routes.

Club-Quality Ellipticals

Club-quality elliptical trainers stand out for their smooth performance and durability. Some are only available with commercial warranties, but others are available with longer residential warranties too. Ellipticals built to commercial standards can serve for up to six hours/day, so they can be relied upon for low-maintenance use by families.

At Black Friday elliptical sales this year shoppers can choose club-quality ellipticals with simple consoles or new high-tech consoles with touch screens, web browsers, on-demand TV programming and other luxuries.

Elliptical Reviews and Sale Links

See our elliptical reviews for honest impressions from professional reviewers and customers like you. Our reviews look at fitness machines in-depth and include ratings to help you make comparisons. When possible they link to Black Friday sale pages on manufacturers’ websites for factory-direct savings.