Life Fitness E1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Life Fitness E1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical Cross-Trainer Review


Life Fitness E1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

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Detailed Overview

The Certified Used Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical is a rear-drive commercial cross-trainer that’s been reconditioned for a long second life. Completely rebuilt and often including new parts, it’s virtually identical to commercial elliptical trainers straight off the production line. The biomechanics on this high-end machine are exceptionally smooth, allowing very low-impact training at 25 resistance levels. Life Fitness sells the refurbished CLSX for around $2800, which is about $2K less than the machine’s brand-new sale price. Overall it’s an attractive alternative to high-end residential ellipticals under $3000. A standard one-year parts and labor warranty is included.

A key feature of the CLSX is an 18-inch elliptical footpath. While that’s ideal for many trainees, others would prefer the 20” stride of an alternative model like the reconditioned 95x Inspire… Also worth noting is the comfortable pedal design. Narrow pedal spacing helps reduce the side-to-side shifting of your hips, so the chance of hip pain or lower back stress is minimized compared with exercise on lower quality cross-trainers.

The Life Fitness CLSX is part of the Integrity Series, and the Integrity console features 16 preset workout programs to help trainees make the most of exercise time. These diverse training programs have titles such as Hill, Foothills, Cascades, Kilimanjaro, Interval and Random. Two modes called Cross-Train Aerobic and Cross-Train Reverse include motivating prompts throughout. The Integrity cardio console also supports seamless iPod integration, giving the user access to playlists and volume controls directly on the elliptical.

Other specs to note are wireless heart rate monitoring, accurate contact heart rate monitoring, and the option to run the CLSX entirely off user-generated power.

Our Favorite Features

  • Commercial durability including a rear drive design known for low maintenance requirements
  • Club-quality performance with a biomechanically correct stride and comfortable upper-body motion
  • Motivating program variety with 16 preset workouts focused on interval training, cardio endurance, calorie burn and other goals
  • Seamless iPod integration makes it convenient to choose audio files and adjust volume
  • A “green machine” with the option to be powered by user energy and to auto-start with the trainee’s motion; also works with a power cord

Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical Cross-Trainer - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:5-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Stride Length:18"
Weight Capacity:350 lbs
Dimensions: 83”" L x 28”" W x 63.5”" H

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Fixed 18” stride could be a drawback, especially for taller trainees accustomed to training with 20” strides
  • One-year warranty for parts and labor is shorter than what’s included with the typical residential elliptical in this price class

The Bottom Line

The refurbished CLSX Elliptical is a fitness club favorite retooled for home use. It outperforms elite residential ellipticals in its price class and can provide even better long-term value.

Just about anyone would be pleased with this fitness machine, but keep in mind that depending on your body size, the reconditioned Life Fitness 95x Inspire might be an even more comfortable match. Both refurbished elliptical models are special finds for shoppers with above-average budgets for home fitness.

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