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LifeSpan was introduced as a brand in 2002, specializing in solutions for the home and office with innovative fitness equipment and smart technology. They are a privately owned company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since their beginnings in 2002, LifeSpan has become a global leader in professional active workstations and manufactures multiple award-winning fitness equipment.

Brand new to the brand is their very own line of elliptical cross trainers: the E2i and E3i, both of which are fairly affordable at just under $1,500. Their natural stride motion machines feature an innovative tool unique to this brand: integrated pedal sensors that work to measure and improve balance symmetry of the pedals to enhance and better personalize the user experience. These machines are designed with heavy flywheel weights and hefty weight capacities, which create a smooth and natural stride that is also very quiet when in operation.

The consoles are designed with most of the basics, though none of their elliptical trainers have built-in fans, which include audio capabilities and great program variety. In addition, their consoles are also Bluetooth-enabled (the Bluetooth receiver is not included on either the E2i or E3i) so that users can wirelessly connect to their very own Club account to store and sync workout data. Users can also access the ActiveTrac(TM) app, LifeSpan’s own app that syncs workout results to Apple or Android devices. As with other LifeSpan equipment, all of their elliptical cross trainers come with a free membership to your own Club account. This is a great feature for advanced goal tracking or just basic fitness management that LifeSpan offers to its users.

Elliptical Cross Trainers

The E2i is the entry-level model in LifeSpan’s brand new series of elliptical cross trainers, and the E3i is their top model. These are the only two models they have in this series so far, both under $1500, with the E2i retailing for $1299 and the E3i for $1499. Both models are equipped with a fixed 20” stride, 20 incline ramp levels and 20 levels of resistance. They are also both designed with LifeSpan’s own CoreBalance Technology, which uses integrated pedal sensors to identify effort imbalances based on your individual stride in order to improve the balance symmetry of your stride. This feature enhances the user experience by helping the user to improve their stride and therefore maximize workout results.

The consoles are fairly similar, both with blue backlit display screens that have full audio options, a media holder and a water bottle holder, but neither of these have built-in cooling fans. Both consoles are Bluetooth enabled, but the receiver is sold separately, and both also have a dual-purpose USB port that charges your favorite device and stores/syncs workout data to your free Club account. There are 22 workout programs to choose from: 2 customizable user profiles, 2 heart rate programs and 17 pre-set workout programs. These consoles allow users to monitor heart rate using the handlebar sensors or wirelessly, but the chest strap receiver is not included with either of these models. Otherwise, their consoles are fairly basic, lacking “quick start keys,” but included up/down arrows for resistance and ramp and one touch keys for program selection. There are also up/down keys built into the moving handlebars. Finally, LifeSpan offers pretty decent warranties on these machines with lifetime coverage on frames, 1 year on parts and at least 3 years on parts.

Brand Highlights

  • Flywheels: A heavy flywheel is an ideal feature on any elliptical trainer because the heavier the flywheel, the more efficient, smoother and reliable the user experience will be. These models are both equipped with heavier flywheels than many other elliptical trainers at similar price points, which is definitely a highlight for this brand.
  • Weight Capacity: Just as important as the flywheel weight, a nice heavy weight capacity of at least 350 pounds or more is a sign that this machine is built to last. Multiple users of varying weights can also enjoy a machine with a heavy weight capacity, so this feature also makes these models not only durable but also highly adaptable.
  • Workout Programs: These models offer a decent variety of workout programs to choose from that includes 17 pre-set programs, 2 customizable user profiles and 2 heart rate based programs. Having this many options is great for mixing up workouts; it’s like having your very own personal trainer taking you through professionally designed workouts to help you achieve your individual workout goals. Also, the customizable user profiles work great if multiple people plan to use the same machine because you can keep workout data stored separately for easy goal tracking.
  • Consoles: While the consoles are fairly basic, they are Bluetooth-enabled, with the receiver not included. We put this on our highlights list though because if you can access this feature, you can use the dual-purpose USB to store and sync your workout data right to your Club membership that is free with these models. You can also connect pretty much any device and download their ActiveTrack(TM) App to also sync your results to your Club account.
  • Price: If you can find a reliable elliptical trainer under $1500, consider it a success. We added price as a brand highlight here because these are really very affordable machines when you consider the durable construction and solid warranty.

Brand Lowlights

  • Console: As mentioned in the brand highlights, these models have pretty basic consoles, so you won’t get some basic features like a built-in cooling fan or quick keys. For some people the lack of a fan on the console is a deal breaker, but if you have your own fan at home, this may not be too big of an issue. The quick keys though are nice to have for interval training, so this is a brand lowlight for sure.
  • Design: These models are not the most ergonomically-sound designed machines. First, because they are front-drive design (which is a common design for residential machines), some people complain that it causes them to lean forward a little more than a rear-drive machine which can make for an achy back or neck. This is not always the case, but it’s something to note and try out before making a purchase. Secondly, the consoles on these models sit fairly low, below eye-level for many people. This means you have to look down quite often, and be careful reaching for your water bottle, or better yet stop the machine to grab it if you don’t want to risk tipping over.
  • Stride: The stride on these machines is fixed at 20 inches, which is pretty much average. Most machines will offer stride lengths from 18 to 20 inches, so that’s not the lowlight. The lowlight here is that you cannot adjust it. For the price, it would be nice to be able to adjust the stride. An adjustable stride is a feature that is desirable because it allows people of varying heights comfortably use the same machine, and it’s great if you want to mix up workouts too.

Bottom Line

LifeSpan is known for their innovative approach to fitness equipment, and their brand new line of elliptical cross trainers proves that. These models come with unique features like integrated pedal sensors and Bluetooth-enabled consoles, but they are not too flashy and lack adjustable features. Overall, either of these affordable elliptical trainers would make for a great piece of in-home workout equipment, but keep in mind the list of highlights and lowlights so that you can be sure this brand is the right fit for you.

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