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Pros The E2i Elliptical Cross Trainer offers a heavy 25 pound flywheel and 350 pound weight capacity, which translates to a very smooth, natural feel. It also points to a well-built, durable piece of equipment. The frictionless magnetic resistance system provides 20 levels of resistance, and you have 20 incline ramp levels to choose from so this model also offers quite a few options to change up your workout. And speaking of options, another pro to this model is the incredible program variety available, with over 20 programs that include customizable user profiles, heart rate programs, in addition to the 17 presets.
Cons While there are many options to this model, there aren't too many adjustable options. The stride is fixed at 20 inches, and there are no adjustable features otherwise. The display screen is pretty small at 6 inches, and though the console is Bluetooth enabled, it's an optional feature to add on the Bluetooth receiver which would allow you access to LifeSpan's ActiveTrac(TM) app. Without that additional feature (again, not included), you only have the built-in workout programs to use, so entertainment or advanced fitness tracking options. And when it comes to the overall design of this model, the console area/display screen and water bottle holder and pretty low. You really have to reach down pretty far to get your water bottle, and you may strain your neck looking down at the screen as it's not really eye-level at all.
Summary The E2i comes with solid features that make it a really nice model for most users; however, the console has some lacking points and it would be nice to have some adjustable features like an adjustable stride. 20 inches for a stride is pretty average, but if you are taller or shorter than average, that may be an issue.

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LifeSpan E2i Elliptical Cross Trainer Detailed Overview

This entry level model by LifeSpan Fitness is brand new to the brand, part of their new line of elliptical cross trainers. Retailing for $1,299, the E2i is equipped with a 25 pound flywheel and 350 pound weight capacity. This model is not too compact with dimensions of 80″ long, 24″ wide and 69″ high, but it does have a fairly low step-on height of 13 inches.

This model provides users with 20 grades of intensity and 20 distinct ramp levels, and the stride is fixed at 20 inches. Designed with CoreBalance Technology, a feature exclusive to LifeSpan Fitness, the pedals will actually provide support where it’s needed most by identifying where effort imbalances exist based on your personal stride. This feature is possible with the integrated pedal sensors that can detect the amount of force from each leg and display that individualized data directly to the console. This model also provides an optional Bluetooth receiver that works with the ActiveTrac(TM) app that will wirelessly connect the elliptical to any Android/Apple device to automatically sync your personal workout results with your LifeSpan Club account that comes with this model.

The console area comes with a 6″ blue backlit display and over 20 workout programs that include customizable and heart rate programs in addition to preset programs. To monitor heart rate, there are built-in contact heart rate sensors, and if you want to use a wireless chest strap receiver, this model is equipped but the actual receiver is not included. When it comes to audio options, this model provides a media holder, speakers and an audio jack. There’s also a dual-purpose USB port that charges your favorite device and can save your workout results to the USB drive to be uploaded to your free Club account.

The E2i comes with a residential warranty which covers 1 year on labor, 3 years on parts and lifetime coverage on the frame.

Our Favorite Features

  • Price is under $1,500, fairly affordable
  • Great program variety, with multiple customizable user profiles
  • Moving and stationary handlebars to easily work the upper body or for added stability and safety
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Heavy flywheel at over 20 pounds

LifeSpan E2i Elliptical Cross Trainer - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Stride Length:20"
Flywheel:25 LBS
Programs:19 Programs
Weight Capacity:350 LBS
Dimensions:80" L x 24" W x 69" H

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Non-adjustable stride, fixed at 20”
  • Small display screen at just 6”
  • Chest strap not included for hands-free, wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Lacks built-in cooling fan to console area
  • Lacks ergonomically-sound design with display screen/console area is lower than average

The Bottom Line

The E2i Elliptical Cross Trainer is an ideal entry-level elliptical trainer that provides users with lots of options and a supportive, heavy-duty drive system. This particular model can be a bit bulky, and there aren’t too many high tech features, but for under $1,500, we can recommend the E2i as a nice piece of equipment that would make a great piece of in-home workout equipment.

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