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Detailed Overview

With a 20-inch stride length and 22 different workout programs, the Nautilus E614 is perfect for the whole family. Take note, however, it only contains two user profiles, so it might be a better buy for a couple or a family with children who aren’t old enough for gym-quality equipment yet. The E614 comes with acoustic chambered speakers that deliver a clean, big sound while the grip heart rate will provide fairly accurate readings to keep you healthy and safe during your ride. If you are looking for a full-color console or a wide variety of customizable options, then the E614 might not be your best bet. However, if you’re ready for a reliable, durable elliptical that makes sense from the moment you remove it from the box, then you’re in for a treat with the E614.

Our Favorite Features 

Some of our favorite parts of the Nautilus E614 elliptical:

  • DualTrack LCD window system so you can track your progress while also enjoying a read on your tablet or in a magazine.
  • Goal tracking and data exporting through Nautilus Connect.
  • Charging station for phone and tablet, as well as the ability to transfer data to various fitness clients
  • 22 workout programs focusing on a variety of fitness aspects
  • Large footplates with quality cushioning
  • 20 levels of resistance

Our Least Favorite Features

A few downsides to the Nautilus E614:

  • The six-position ramp adjustment is manual, not powered
  • Set stride length of 20” is ideal for most, but definitely not all body types
  • Difficult to assemble with many various parts upon arrival
  • User weight limit of only 300 lbs – lighter than competing brands
  • Unimpressive warranty

The Bottom Line

The Nautilus E614 is a well-regarded machine that resides in many home gyms. When you’re looking for an elliptical option that doesn’t involve huge expense or complicated features, the E614 is a great choice. With transport wheels for easy relocation, it’s ideal for a private residence, but it’s still large and sturdy enough to compete with commercial models. Moveable handlebars keep your upper body engaged while your lower half works the pedals, and the included chambered speakers play your favorite tunes bold and clear.

The low-expectation warranty of 10 years frame, 2 years mechanical and 1 year electrical is a bummer, as is the 90 day limit on labor. However, since Nautilus is such a trusted brand, you can rest assured you likely won’t encounter much issue with this elliptical.

For those who love to sweat as they ride, the three-speed cooling fan will definitely come in handy, as will ergonomically- placed components throughout that allow you to push hard without risking injury.

When you’re on the prowl for a quality, affordable elliptical machine that will truly endure over the years, consider the Nautilus E614. It’s reliable, well-known and in the perfect price range for those who are both new and well-seasoned when it comes to home gym elliptical machines.

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