NordicTrack AudioStrider 1490 Pro Elliptical Review (Discontinued)

This Machine is Discontinued

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NordicTrack AudioStrider 1490 Pro Elliptical Rating

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This Machine is Discontinued


Pros With an adjustable stride of 20-22”, the E 12.7 can be used by multiple people. Its quiet parts and natural adjustments to the user make working out on this machine a pleasant experience. As with some rear drive ellipticals by NordicTrack, this front drive model comes with a 7” Android browser, a full-color touch display that will provide both entertainment and motivation during your workouts. Finally, with 26 different digital resistance levels, you will remain challenged each time you step onto this elliptical.
Summary For those in the market for a high-quality front drive elliptical, the NordicTrack Elite 12.7 does not disappoint. The included console allows you to browse the Internet while exercising, or enjoy a full-color exercise program. The 12.7 is one of the most affordable ellipticals to offer this feature. With this machine, you can adjust both the stride length and foot pedal size, making it a great machine for multiple users. Overall, the 12.7 keeps up just fine with its newer sister models, the 14.7 and 17.7. You will be satisfied with the features included and the diversity of workouts this elliptical allows.

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Detailed Overview

NordicTrack is well seasoned at producing elliptical machines that are both durable and effective. While some features are a bit updated, there isn’t a huge leap in this model from the ever-popular 990 Pro. If you’re looking for an elliptical in this price range, the AudioStrider 1490 Pro is a great deal.

The AudioStrider 1490 Pro costs $1499 on various Web sales, including through the NordicTrack site directly. However the MSRP is $2499, which means the manufacturer is pricing this machine at the performance level of other ellipticals in that price range. While it is durable and challenging for the novice to intermediate user, its features might not be advanced or cutting edge enough to justify the price tag.

With that being said, many get a kick out of the installed Android browser. Measuring at 7”, it supercedes the standard 5-6 inch screens still on many ellipticals in this price range, and definitely does help with workout planning, entertainment while burning calories and staying organized on a daily routine. The 1490 also folds up on its front end, allowing for vertical storage that takes up an impressively minimal amount of space.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite pieces of the 1490 Pro include:

  • Built in Browser
  • Grip Sensor heart rate monitor system with wireless chest strap
  • Adjustable pedals, which is rare in many low to mid-priced ellipticals.
  • Cooling fan to make workouts more bearable year round
  • Goal tracking and video workouts, including iFit.
  • Cup-holders, MP3 compatible audio hookup and more creature comforts.

Our Least Favorite Features

While the 1490 Pro is undoubtedly a well-made machine, it does have some cons:

  • The flywheel is 18 pounds, which is much lighter than what is standard on an elliptical in this price range. This can lead to bumpy workouts.
  • A weight capacity of 325 is a hard and fast rule – if you weigh more than this or right around this, take caution.
  • With a maximum incline of 10 degrees, this machine falls far short of other inclines.
  • Limited warranty for everything but the frame

The Bottom Line

With approximately 30 workout programs and a full-color Android browser, it’s easy to stay motivated and inspired with the AudioStrider 1490 Pro. However, for the price, durability may be something you pay too high of a cost for. With a lighter than average flywheel and a less than challenging maximum incline, this elliptical is well-suited for novices or those who aren’t using incline as their challenge point during workouts.

All NordicTrack ellipticals are known for their high quality and great performance, so that won’t be a problem with the 1490 either. However, if you are hoping for something a bit more advanced for the price, you may want to opt for a different machine.


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