NordicTrack Elite 16.7 Elliptical Review (Discontinued)

This Machine is Discontinued

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NordicTrack Elite 16.7 Elliptical Rating

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This Machine is Discontinued


Pros A 10” touchscreen comes with the Elite 16.7, including an Android Web browser and iFit compatibility. Productivity is proven to motivate people to work out, and this touch display allows you to check your email, catch up on your favorite websites and more. In addition to the touchscreen, the 16.7 also includes a 15” HDTV. Get the comfort and distraction found at the gym, where ellipticals usually come with TV programs to make the grind of exercise fly by. Now you can enjoy this in your own home with this great monitor display.

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Detailed Overview

NordicTrack has continued to outsell other brands of ellipticals due to its long-standing reputation for producing quality machines. This has never been truer than with the Elite 16.7, which includes great entertainment options combined with the reliable, durable exercise machine you’ve come to expect from this major retailer.  With its 400 lb weight limit, it suggests the 16.7 is the sturdiest elliptical currently on the market.  Despite its hefty construction, it is very compact and easy to both assemble and use.

The motivation factor is huge with this machine – you can answer emails, watch your favorite TV show and experience endless workout options. There are many built in programs, and the standard NordicTrack iFit compatibility option provides you with an even larger array of workout plans.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the 16.7:

  • The 10” touchscreen has the look, size and feel of an iPad or other high-end mobile tablet.
  • The HDTV monitor is a nice feature – it will motivate you to work out more regularly.
  • Its 32 lb flywheel assures a smooth and natural workout.
  • Dual handlebar grips allow you to change your positioning and exercise different parts of your arm muscles.
  • A lifetime warranty is included for the machine’s frame.
  • A lovely array of workout apps – 40 in all – focus on various challenges like target weight loss, resistance training and more.

NordicTrack Elite 16.7 Elliptical (Discontinued) - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:5-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Incline:0-20 Degrees
Stride Length:20"
Flywheel:32 LBS
Weight Capacity:400 LBS

Our Least Favorite Features

If you’re willing to pay the price, there is very little to complain about with the Elite 16.7. However:

  • A 20” stride length may not work well for very tall or petite individuals.
  • Limited warranty for parts and labor.

The Bottom Line

An industry fact that is far from a secret is that the Elite 16.7 is a virtually identical machine minus the expanded touch screen and HDTV. So, if you aren’t one for technology, you can save some dough with this older model. However if you’re looking for comfort and entertainment as you get in shape, you won’t find a better model than the Elite 16.7.

Quite possibly the sturdiest elliptical on the market today, this machine is perfect for novices and advanced fitness users.  You won’t find such a feature-packed machine in a smaller price range.

Enjoy workout perks like adjustable cushioned foot pedals and an MP3 input that will leave your exercise sessions as comfortable and productive as possible. With the dual handlebar grips, you will also receive a diversity of fitness possibilities, strengthening your entire arm rather than just an isolated section. With improvements to be had in either your arms, legs or both, the Elite 16.7 by NordicTrack offers an all-over fitness routine you can dive into without ever having to leave your home.

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