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Detailed Overview

The Octane XR6 seated elliptical is a deluxe cross trainer for all skill levels. Built for comfort and efficient results, it lets you exercise with support from a contoured high-backed seat and pedal calories away about 25% more efficiently compared with other seated ellipticals or recumbent bikes. A smartly engineered 16” footpath helps maximize your lower body muscle recruitment, and multigrip handlebars allow for varied upper body motion.

This model is the second of three XRide recumbent ellipticals. (Others are the XRide XR4 and XRide XR6000.) Because XRide ellipticals allow zero impact motion and are easy on your back, they can be excellent for everything from low intensity physical rehab to high intensity cardio and strength training with minimized risk of strain.

XR6 owners get a choice of three data consoles. The simplest console has five built-in training programs that can each be used with 20 resistance levels. The mid-level console has additional standard workouts and Workout Boosters. (Workout Boosters can be combined with standard workouts for advanced cross training.) The top-tier XR6 elliptical console with tablet holder can connect with the SmartLink cross training app, which has a 43-item workout menu. Depending on console selection the machine sells for $3499 or more.

Our Favorite Features

The following qualities help the Octane XR6 stand out as a high-end recumbent elliptical:

  • Allows zero-impact cardio and strength training; ideal for those concerned with preventing exercise-related injury
  • Has twenty resistance levels with a beginner-to-advanced range of force
  • The 16” pedaling path features Octane’s PowerStroke technology, which lets you get significantly more muscle engagement and achieve 23% higher calorie burn compared with similar machines according to a university study
  • XR6 handlebars support multiple grip positions and have high quality heart rate sensors
  • Contoured and adjustable seating has 20 height settings and five angle settings
  • Easy access (no bar to step over)
  • A choice of three consoles, all with expert guidance for working the upper body and lower body
  • The top-tier console is compatible with a wireless heart rate transmitter and can hold a tablet computer (not included)
  • User weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Five-year parts warranty

Octane XR6 Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Stride Length:16"
Programs:43 workout programs
Weight Capacity:300 LBS
Dimensions:71" L x 35" W x 60" H

Our Least Favorite Features 

Here are a few potential drawbacks of choosing the XR6:

  • It weighs nearly 250 pounds and isn’t easy to move.
  • Consoles built for the XR6 (unlike those for the XR6000) lack cooling fans.
  • The XR6 consoles have useful programming but are lackluster compared with the XR6000 Smart console, which provides video exercise guidance and has a web browser.
  • The price is low for an Octane elliptical, but it’s above average compared with other recumbent cross trainers for home use.

The Bottom Line

The Octane XR6 is a high quality cross trainer that lets people at all skill levels get cardio exercise and head-to-toe strength training in comfort. It costs less than the top-of-the-line XR6000 but provides the same club-quality ergonomics. Sold with a five-year warranty on the parts, the XR6 is an elite yet practical buy for the privileged shopper.

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