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Detailed Overview

The XT-ONE is brand new, just released this year as part of Octane’s innovative line of standing elliptical trainers. This model is one of their commercial grade machines, coming with two console options with varying price points. In addition, there are multiple add-on features to customize the XT-ONE to your precise needs, whether it’s for at-home use or on a gym floor.

The XT-ONE is an all-in-one machine that provides a varying range of movements that allow the user to use the machine for walking, running, hiking, or climbing. To achieve this variety of motion, users can easily adjust the incline, the stride, and the levels of resistance. There are 10 incline levels to choose from, an adjustable stride length that ranges from 20 to 28 inches, and 30 resistance levels. With so many ways to adjust your workout, it’s really easy to get individualized workout results and tons of variety, and it is truly the ultimate cross-training machine with the motto “one machine, infinite workouts.”

The two console options include the Standard console, retailing for $7,899, and the Smart console, retailing for $9198. The Standard console is equipped with a large LED display screen (actual dimensions are not disclosed) with integrated capacitive buttons, a 3-speed fan, and 23 workout apps. The Standard console is also the only console option that is self-powered. The Smart console is a step up from the Standard, equipped with a 10” glass capacitive screen touch screen display with wi-fi connectivity, 21 workout apps, video streaming/coaching, and a 3-speed cooling fan. Both consoles are equipped with several of Octane’s unique “workout boosters” that target specific muscle groups. On the Standard console, users can choose from the SmartStride, X-Mode(TM), or ArmBlaster workout. On the Smart console, in addition to the workout boosters, users can also access the CROSS CIRCUIT video coaching program that combines cardio and strength interval training to up the calorie burn even more! Both console options also support mobile device charging and come with digital contact heart rate sensors in addition to wireless compatibility.

Finally, the patented, unique converging path and multi-grip handlebars help you to target various muscles of the upper body while following the natural path of your arms when running or walking, and the cushioned, oversized pedals add to user comfort and stability. Other add-on options for this model include a Personal Viewing System (PVS) 15″ wide screen TV with integrated keypad controls or a wireless 900 MHz receiver that is compatible with CardioTheater, BroadcastVision, MyeEntertainment, and more.

The warranty for the XT-ONE covers 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

Our Favorite Features

  • Zero impact training with the ability to use the trainer for running, walking, hiking, or climbing
  • Internet connectivity and video coaching with the Smart console
  • Multiple adjustable features that include auto adjustable incline, resistance, and stride
  • Great program variety with tons of options and Octane’s unique “Workout Boosters”
  • Compact and versatile with a design that is not too bulky, and can replace the space that three pieces of workout equipment would take up for just one
  • Numerous choices for movement and intensity

Octane Fitness XT One Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:5-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Stride Length:20"-28"
Programs:23 Programs
Fan:3 Speed Console Fan
Weight Capacity:400 LBS
Dimensions:92" L x 33" W x 60" H

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Smart Console lacks self-powered option
  • Chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring is not included on either console options
  • Price, these are not inexpensive machines so it’s definitely an investment

The Bottom Line

The XT-ONE by Octane is a powerhouse of a machine. It’s like having an entire gym in just one machine with the ability to run, walk, hike, or climb. You can even get the optional add-on feature that comes with weights and a side step to add even more options to your workouts. This commercial grade machine is ideal for residential or gym use, but it is pricey. However; when you consider the cost of three separate workout machines, the cost is well worth it!

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