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Pros The XT3700, like all Octane ellipticals, is a luxury cross trainer. It has club-quality performance but is compact enough for home use, and it’s available with or without a 10” program screen, web browser and TV. The Octane XT3700 lets you exercise with virtually no impact on your joints, and it outperforms the vast majority of home ellipticals in terms of ergonomics and power. Trainees get narrow pedal spacing, 30 pedal resistance settings, and multigrip handlebars for very natural-feeling total body workouts. Two stride settings are available, 20.5” and 24”. The XT3700 is also loaded with 16 workout programs, with routines ranging from standard elliptical striding to sessions that incorporate off-the-machine exercises for extra cross training.
Cons High sale prices are the main drawback of choosing Octane home ellipticals. This model sells for more than $5000. Also, with the XT3700 in particular the fixed stride (two choices) might be a downside. For comparison the XT4700 has auto-adjustable stride to ensure that all users get an ideal biomechanical match.
Summary Octane Fitness is a top brand for shoppers who seek high-end, joint-friendly fitness machines. The XT3700 is built for low impact striding at any intensity, and its ergonomic handlebars help support comfortable whole-body training. This luxury elliptical also stands out with a choice of two well-stocked consoles, including one with touch technology, video workouts and an Internet browser. Potential downsides though are the machine’s high price and the fixed stride.

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Octane XT3700 Elliptical Detailed Overview

The Octane XT3700 is part of a premium fitness machine line, the Octane Fitness Standing Ellipticals Series. While all elliptical trainers are built for low-impact cross training, Octane ellipticals are so smooth-running they’re advertised as “zero-impact.” And while Octane ellipticals are club-quality, they’re sized for practical use in most homes. Each is available with a Smart Console, which supports video workouts and web browsing, or can be paired with a standard console for cost control. A separate TV screen can be added too.

Key specs for the XT3700 include stride lengths of 20.5” and 24”, forward/reverse pedaling, 30 resistance levels, multi-grip handlebars, 13 workout programs, and wireless heart rate monitoring. If the XT3700 Smart Console is included, you’ll also get a 10” touchscreen that can stream Octane’s video coaching and show web content.

Compared with the XT4700, the Octane XT3700 costs less because the stride isn’t auto-adjusting and only has two settings (one for walking, one for running). This could make the machine less appealing to trainees who are shorter than average.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the Octane XT3700 include:

  • Two stride settings for (20.5” and 24”) for elliptical walking and running
  • Pedal spacing of 1.8” is narrow, which is associated with good hip comfort
  • 30 resistance levels can keep anyone appropriately challenged
  • Multigrip handlebars support diverse upper-body exercises
  • High quality contact heart rate sensors on the handlebars
  • Compatible with wireless heart rate transmitters
  • Three-speed cooling fan
  • Diverse workout programs
  • Optional accessories for extra cross training
  • Optional video workouts, Internet and TV
  • User weight capacity of 400 pounds

Octane XT3700 Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Stride Length:Fixed: 20.5 or 24"
Programs:13 workout programs
Weight Capacity:400 LBS
Dimensions:69" L x 31" W x 56" H

Our Least Favorite Features

This luxury ride isn’t built for everyone. Some reasons to think twice before choosing the XT3700:

  • The price is high, even for a high-end elliptical trainer.
  • The stride settings are too long for shorter trainees. This machine is a great match for trainees with average or longer legs, but the XT4700 accommodates virtually anyone’s natural gait.

The Bottom Line

For luxury elliptical shoppers the Octane XT3700 is a favorite find. This elite cross trainer serves all ability levels, exercises the whole body with virtually no impact to joints and ligaments, and has two stride settings so trainees can hike or run. It provides useful exercise guidance and can be enhanced with video training, TV and the web. Note that the stride settings are ideal for people of average and taller heights but may be too long for shorter trainees. The very similar Octane  XT4700 is an alternative that fits a wider range of body sizes.

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