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Pros With good basics and outstanding extras, the new Endurance 920 E outshines competitors in just about every way. It draws second glances thanks to a full-color screen for preset workouts and iFit Coach. This HD display has touch technology, is 7” wide and has a web browser too... But the 920 E is also a pretty serious performer. For starters, the new model for 2017 has power-adjustable stride. Though it’s advertised at 19”, it can be power-adjusted from 18 to 22 inches to be an ideal match for virtually any body size. The resistance is just right too, delivered by a 25-pound wheel with two dozen settings for precision. Next, the incline is automated for especially dynamic training sessions and great muscle definition. Control the incline with buttons or let a workout program take over; there are 32 preset program options, plus you can download a new workout anytime with an iFit Coach membership. Other perks to process: wireless pulse monitoring, a two-speed fan, iPod-compatible speakers, and an adjustable-angle tablet holder. Three years of parts protection are standard with factory-direct purchase of the new Endurance 920 E, which is an above-average warranty match for the machine’s selling price.
Cons Although this trainer is top-of-the-line for ProForm’s Endurance Series, it’s a bit lower-end compared with all the possibilities. (High-end ellipticals cost several times more.) Shoppers tend to choose ProForm to enjoy the brand’s special features, not to invest in especially durable basics. Another possible drawback is that accessing the most engaging workouts with iFit Coach involves a membership fee. iFit Coach subscriptions start at $9/month and support several member profiles each.
Summary The new Endurance 920 E is definitely impressive for an elliptical under $1000. It can be a great match for a family workout room, as the adjustability of stride length, resistance and incline makes it a fine physical fit for virtually anyone up to 325 pounds. This elliptical has some plastic parts and wouldn’t be mistaken for a club elliptical, but considering its physical performance and electronic extras it’s one of the best buys for the price.

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ProForm Endurance 920E Elliptical Detailed Overview

Sized to train almost anyone, and loaded with workout guidance and other motivational features, the ProForm Endurance 920 E with web-enabled HD touchscreen console is a top choice elliptical trainer under $1000. (Full price is $1699, but with ProForm discounts it goes for $999 including delivery.) The 920 E is the most advanced elliptical in the Endurance Series, which is one of ProForm’s more affordable collections. Its specs such as a 25-pound effective flywheel, 18”-to-22” stride and potentially unlimited workout downloads in full color or HD video are especially impressive considering the sale price. Whether your priority is power, versatility, or programming and creature comforts, you’ll likely find that ProForm’s 920 E elliptical machine fits the bill for your home workouts.

Healthy range of motion is a must-have for elliptical training, and it’s a strength of the new 920 E elliptical. Endurance Series trainers have a front drive design, which helps make them space-conscious, but even so the new 920 E can comfortably support even your tallest family member thanks to its adjustable stride up to 22” long. You can power-adjust down to 18” too, so the 920 E is an ideal match for teens and smaller adults as well. This versatility is uncommon on ellipticals under $1000.

Besides helping the machine fit anyone’s natural stride length, the 920 E’s power-adjustable length lets each user try out elliptical paths of different lengths. Trying a longer-than-average stride can increase your calorie burn without adding to your perceived effort, and trying a shorter-than-average stride can especially help tone your hamstrings and glutes. But best of all for targeted muscle toning, the ProForm 920 E has an electronic incline… Control the incline yourself or let a training program do the work. The most engaging option is to use the automated incline with any Google Maps workout, which you can build with an iFit Coach membership. You can experience the up/down simulations of real topography as you hike with a Google Street View of your chosen route.

Some other noteworthy qualities of the new 920 E elliptical are adjustable pedals (great for comfort and endurance) and multiple grip possibilities for the handlebars so you can hone in on specific muscle groups to work your upper body and core.

This model is built with a commercial-gauge solid steel frame and uses Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) instead of contact braking. The frame is equipped with transport wheels and adjustable leveling feet you can use the machine on carpet or harder surfaces. For ease of placement the new 920 E console can be battery powered but an AC adaptor is included as well.

The factory-direct warranty covers the lifetime of the frame, three years for parts and one year for labor. See more specs on the list below.

Our Favorite Features

  • A 25-pound effective flywheel supports a smooth and unhindered stride
  • Power adjustable stride makes it easy for multiple people to enjoy the same fitness machine
  • 7″ full color touchscreen display is upgraded with HD technology for 2017 and web-enabled with an Android browser
  • Power adjustable incline offers wide range up to 20 degrees for a bigger cardio challenge, faster calorie burn and focused muscle sculpting
  • Great preloaded program variety with 32 built-in workout apps that range from speed and incline training to heart rate and calorie burn options
  • iFit Coach enabled console offers you access to unlimited workout programs, advanced fitness tracking options and ever-evolving customized advice
  • 24 digital resistance levels give you a wide range of precise training options
  • iPod-compatible console with 2” speakers for audio motivation
  • Wireless and dual-grip heart rate monitoring help you train within a target heart rate zone and assess your long-term cardio fitness progress
  • Integrated tablet holder keeps your mobile device secure and at eye level during workouts
  • Warranty covers the lifetime of the frame, three years on parts/electronics and a year of labor
  • AC adapter included plus you can use the machine without a power outlet, using batteries to power the console instead

ProForm Endurance 920E Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Incline:0-20 Degree Power Ramp
Stride Length:20" Power Adjustable Stride
Flywheel:25 LBS
Programs:32 Workout Apps
Fan:CoolAire™ Workout Fan
Weight Capacity:325 LBS
Dimensions:67.1" L x 25" W x 69.1" H

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Front drive design can be uncomfortable for people with lower back issues
  • Household iFit subscription not included, but it makes the most of any ProForm elliptical; prices start at $9/month
  • Chest strap not included for wireless monitoring with the 2017 version, although new iFit members do get a free wearable device for stats tracking

The Bottom Line

ProForm designed the Endurance 920 E to compete as a best buy elliptical under $1000 for 2017 and beyond. Although the retail price is higher, you can expect to pay around $999 during sales events throughout the year. For the price you won’t likely find another trainer with equivalent resistance, such great versatility motion-wise, and a comparable suite of electronics to help keep you motivated and entertained. The 920 E can be a fun investment in a family’s fitness, and for the price it’s a good buy for a single trainee too.

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