Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical Review (Discontinued)

This Machine is Discontinued

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This Machine is Discontinued


Pros This machine is committed to further personalization than prior elliptical trainers. This includes multiple user profiles where workout information can be saved directly into the consule.
Summary When purchasing the CE 7.4, you can rest assured you are receiving the best in safety, technology and durability. However, for all the bells and whistles that come with the newest machine on the market, you can still take note there isn’t all that’s too different from other models like the CE 3.7. In fact, the parts warranty is reduced – three years instead of five. Is Smooth unconfident about its newest machine?

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Detailed Overview

This elliptical includes orthopedic cushioning on its pedals and a pivot-motion design to reduce stress and exhausted muscles. The included heart rate sensors will also help you record workout information and stay on track with both your health and fitness. If you’re looking for the latest machine regardless of whether or not it’s the best, then the 7.4 will suit you well. However if you prefer a simple, sturdy package for your home gym, there certainly are cheaper options.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the Smooth CE 7.4:

  • Flywheels are above the expected norm for this price tag
  • Quiet, comfortable ride thanks to rotating pedals and heavy drive
  • Multiple profiles allow each family member to track and record workout information
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and brakes
  • Heart rate sensors keep your workouts accurate, custom and safe.
  • A three-setting fan is built into this elliptical to keep things cool and comfortable.

Our Least Favorite Features

 A few downsides to the CE 7.4:

  • Only eight programs are included on this elliptical as opposed to earlier models like the 5.5 that included twice as many.
  • The non-adjustable 21” stride can make this machine to overwhelming for petite family members.
  • The sturdy, steel frame is great for all sizes of users, but can make it difficult to relocate the machine to a different room.

The Bottom Line

 The Smooth CE 7.4 is an ideal choice for those who love to own the latest and greatest. However, when all is said and done there aren’t many impressive feature that cannot be found on older, more economical models like the 5.5 or 3.7. Smooth has a great reputation for producing high-performance elliptical machines and you will undoubtedly be pleased with the purchase of this machine. However, if you are willing to purchase a more well-established elliptical, you will likely yield equal results without spending as much.

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