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Pros The claim to fame on this model lies in the console area. A 10 inch HD full-color touch screen display delivers the ultimate in viewing quality, and combined with an iPod compatible audio center, users can enjoy a top entertainment experience. This console area also features Smooth’s intuitive Set-A-Goal Workout Center that allows users to set goals so that the trainer will automatically adjust accordingly as you work out. Versatility is a word to describe the 11.55 model, as users can change the incline, decline, stride and resistance, making this model incredibly adaptable for setting a number of workout goals, from weight loss to muscle toning and everything in between.
Cons While this model offers users a number of adjustable options and a pretty advanced console area, there are far fewer workout apps than the entry level11.35 model, that is $1,000 cheaper. So we would have to say a major con of this model is the price since there are few differences from the entry level. Other than an incline/decline option and a larger display screen, we can’t find too many other features that the 11.35 model doesn’t already have.
Summary The RE 11.55 has some great features that make this trainer comfortable and easy to use by multiple users, for multiple purposes. It is well-built, well-designed and quite reliable but for an additional $1,000, we don’t see that it’s that much different than the entry level 11.35 model. We will say the incline option of 0% to 20% and decline of 0% to -3% are pretty neat features, and something the entry level model lacks.

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Smooth RE 11.55 Elliptical Detailed Overview

Smooth Fitness’s RE 11.55 elliptical trainer is the mid-range model in Smooth’s new line (RE 11.35, RE 11.55, RE 13.75, RE 13.95) of front drive elliptical trainers for 2015. Offered for $1,799, the 11.55 offers some excellent adjustable features that make it easy to achieve your workout goals. In short, this model is designed with convenience and adaptability in mind.

One of our favorite features of this model is the incline/decline option that allows users to work out on an incline of up to 20% and a decline of 0 to -3% using the QuickDecline™ or QuickIncline™ keys on the console. This option means users can target and tone specific muscle groups or work on cardiovascular endurance, depending on your goals and ability level. This elliptical trainer also grows with you; as you get more advanced you can change the resistance from 1 to 20 and use the Set-A-Goal Workout Center to track those goals as the trainer automatically makes changes for you while working out. And if that’s not enough, this model also features a power adjustable stride.

As with other elliptical trainers by Smooth Fitness, this model is designed with a solid steel frame design and Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) technology for an incredible smooth and reliable stride. Front drive designed, the 11.55 is more compact and easy to use in smaller spaces; and combined with the front mobility wheels, it’s also easy to store away as needed.

Finally, the console area; this model boasts an impressive 10 inch full-color HD display and iFit® compatibility for top entertainment options. Users can choose from 9 built0in workout apps to keep things fresh, and the audio center is iPod compatible so you can listen to your favorite music while working out. Other console features include the basics like a fan and water bottle holder.

Our Favorite Features

  • iFit® enabled
  • In-handle controls
  • Incline and decline options
  • Power adjustable stride
  • 10 inch full-color HD display
  • 400 pound weight capacity

Our Least Favorite Features

  • iFit module not included
  • Flywheel weight not published
  • Only 9 built-in workout apps
  • Price ($1,000 more than the entry but without too many extra features)
  • Non-oversized or cushioned pedals

The Bottom Line

The RE 11.55 elliptical trainer by Smooth Fitness is an attractive trainer with some neat features that make it very easy to set a number of goals, track your progress, and challenge yourself. However, we don’t really see too many differences from this 11.55 mid-range model and the 11.35 entry level model other than a larger display and few versatility options. If you want more entertainment options (like internet connectivity) or additional workout programs, you may want to consider the entry level Smooth RE 11.35 and save $1,000.

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