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Pros The RE 13.75 focuses its attention on durability and reliability, with extra attention paid to convenience features. This means that while the console area lacks, the frame and design do not. One major pro on this model would have to be the hybrid generator resistance system that allows for cordless use, making it easy to move and use this trainer wherever fits best (an adaptability feature too!). Other convenience features incline a rear access design so that users can safely enter and exit the machine, which is also a space saving feature, and a self-tensioning belt drive system for little to no maintenance.
Cons Honestly, this model does not really impress anywhere but with the convenience features. The stride is fixed at 20 inches (which might be problematic for taller people), the console is really basic with only 6 workout apps and a dark LED matrix display, and there are no entertainment options other than compatibility with Cardio Theater, Broadcastvision™.
Summary As a light commercial elliptical trainer, this model offers the basics and not much else. But for $2,999, it is a great value when you consider the reputation of Smooth Fitness’s frames and durable design. As a whole, this trainer has a minimalist console and few convenience features that may be ideal for gym owners who need an elliptical trainer that is adaptable and will last, with little need for maintenance.

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Smooth RE 13.75 Elliptical Detailed Overview

The RE 13.75 is a light commercial elliptical trainer by Smooth Fitness, offered for $2,999. For the price, you get a durable elliptical trainer that is designed to be convenient and hassle-free, but not much else.

While the flywheel weight is not published, this model has a 350 weight capacity and 20 inch fixed stride, which will accommodate most users. The minimalist console area is pretty basic, featuring an LED matrix display, cup holder and stationary as well as moving handlebars, but there is no reading rack or accessories tray. This model also lacks an audio center with speakers but users can plug in headphones as this trainer does feature Cardio Theater, Broadcastvision compatibility. Users also have 6 workout programs to choose from as well 20 digital resistance levels. To keep track of heart rate, this model features EKG™ Grip Pulse and a Polar® Wireless Receiver (strap not included).

Convenience features on this model include a self-tensioning belt drive system for minimal maintenance and front drive design (space saving design) for increased safety of users. And the warranty will cover 7 years on the frame, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on electronics, console and labor.

Our Favorite Features

  • Hybrid generator resistance system
  • Self-tensioning belt drive system
  • Solid steel frame design
  • Rear access design
  • Onboard battery system (for floor plan versatility)
  • Front drive design (more compact and reliable)

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Minimalist console area
  • No built-in workout fan
  • No reading rack or accessories tray
  • Flywheel weight not published
  • Only 6 built-in workout apps
  • Non-oversized or cushioned pedals
  • Warranty (7 years on frame, 2 years parts, and 1 year on electronics, console and labor)
  • Safety features ( no auto stop button or strap)

The Bottom Line

The RE 13.75 light commercial elliptical trainer offers the basics and not much else. You won’t find bells and whistles on this trainer, but you will find convenience features and a great price that make this model ideal as an entry level commercial grade piece of equipment. We would like to see a few more options with this model, but for $2,999, it’s not a bad price for a commercial piece of equipment by a well-known brand like Smooth Fitness.

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