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Editors Note:  “Smooth’s RE 13.95 elliptical trainer is their elite model in the 2015 line of front drive elliptical trainers, boasting an impressive entertainment package and a number of adjustable features.”

The RE 13.95 is the elite trainer in Smooth’s line of front drive elliptical trainers (RE 11.35, RE 11.55, RE 13.75, RE 13.95), offered for $3,499. What makes this trainer top in the series is the attention to performance features and an entertainment package that is hard to beat. Combine this with a sturdy, steel frame and 400 pound weight capacity and you have a quality, well-made elliptical trainer.

This model features Smooth’s new Power Intensity™ ramp that instantly changes the incline or decline of your stride as needed to meet your workout goals. This intuitive feature compliments the Set-A-Goal Workout Center nicely as this option will also automatically adjust your pacing/incline/decline to meet your goal as needed. You don’t even need to touch a button to achieve your desired results with these features. And if your goal is to tone specific muscle groups, the decline option on this trainer is unique, allowing users to decline to -3% to focus on the muscles of the lower legs. The incline option, which goes up to 20%, allows users to focus on the glutes and lower body but also accommodates incline and endurance training as well.

The console area features a 10 inch full-color touch screen display, powered by Android, and iFIt® compatibility (membership sold separately) for top entertainment offerings (this model also features an optional 17 inch FreeVision™ HDTV). Users can choose from 9 built-in workout apps, and access the entertainment charging station, but speakers and an audio port are not included on this model. Basics however are included, like a water bottle holder and built-in cooling fan.

Featuring a steel frame design, belt drive system and 400 pound weight capacity, the RE 13.95 is a well-built trainer by Smooth. The front drive design means a more compact trainer that is also powerful and easy to use. And the in-handle controls and quick keys make this trainer incredibly user friendly and convenient. Finally, Smooth offers a warranty of 7 years on the frame, 2 years on parts and 1 year on labor and the console.

Our Favorite Features

  • 10 inch full-color touch screen with Android browser
  • iFit® compatible
  • Power Intensity™ Ramp
  • 400 pound weight capacity
  • Decline and Incline options
  • Adjustable stride

Our Least Favorite Features

  • No built-in speakers or audio port
  • Flywheel weight not published
  • Only 9 built-in workout apps
  • Non-oversized or cushioned pedals
  • Wireless heart rate strap sold separately
  • iFit® membership sold separately
  • Warranty (we would expect a lifetime warranty on the frame at this price point, and some specific coverage on the life of the motor)

The Bottom Line

The RE 13.95 is ideal for the user who wants a few additional entertainment options and a trainer that will last. This model is reliable and quiet when in operation, but it’s also compact and easy to use. Perfect for households where multiple people plan to use the elliptical trainer, this model features some neat adjustable options and workout tracking features that make it adaptable. However, the price tag might be a bit much if you aren’t interested in both performance and entertainment options, and you may want to consider more inexpensive models and save a few thousand dollars. If so, we recommend the incredibly economical entry level RE 11.35 model or the mid-range RE 11.55 model.

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