Smooth TruPace E250 Elliptical Review (Discontinued)

This Machine is Discontinued

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Smooth TruPace E250 Elliptical Rating

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This Machine is Discontinued


Pros You’ll find a legitimate cross trainer with the E250, including moving handlebars and easy display readings to track your progress including your speed, time, distance and calories burned.
Summary Smooth has a strong reputation for producing high-quality machines that yield great results. The TruPace line is no exception, with the 250 leading the way with a color touch screen and higher user weight capacity. You will enjoy using the TruPace E250 on a daily basis in your home gym.

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Detailed Overview

The TruPace E250 elliptical machine by the Smooth fitness company is leading the way amongst the TruPace product line. Out of the three versions available (the other two being the E200 and E220), THE e250 is the only one to include a color touch screen along with other unique features. The E250 isn’t the most affordable, but it is still reasonably priced for what you get. Those who are on a budget and desire a solid workout without all the bells and whistles will do just fine with a 200 or 220, or skipping the TruPace line altogether. If you’re faithful to Smooth, you will be impressed with the 250 but won’t experience an increase in challenge or durability.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the Smooth E250:

  • Color display screen makes for easier viewing of workout stats and also higher quality of your training programs.
  • 22 present training programs come with this machine, providing a great range for all users in the home.
  • Pivoting pedals reduce risk of injury as you exercise daily.
  • Self-generating power makes this elliptical completely environmental and electricity-free.
  • Heart rate sensors work to ensure you’re staying healthy and safe while working out.

Our Least Favorite Features  

A few downsides to the TruPace E250:

  • This is a front drive elliptical – many users prefer a back drive for an effective workout.
  • The machine is advertised as being 116 pounds in weight, making it simple to move. However, the 300-lb weight capacity seems a bit farfetched with a machine this light.

The Bottom Line 

Smooth undoubtedly makes quality machines including the TruPace E250 elliptical. If you choose this exercise unit, you’ll likely be satisfied with your results. However, if details like a full-color touch screen are not important to you, you’ll find a more economical model that yields equal accomplishments. Lightweight enough to move from room to room, the E250 includes innovative workout features including pivoting pedals, moving handlebars and a high-end sound system to allow for entertainment as you exercise.

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