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Star Trac has been developing fitness equipment since 1979, focusing primarily on providing tools capable of inspiring people to be healthy for life. While all fitness brands keep the customer in the forefront of consideration, Star Trac truly is “people-centric” with more user-driven features and health benefits than many other lines of exercise units.

More than four million individuals in approximately 75 different countries use Star Trac machines – many of these users getting fit specifically on one of the four elliptical units available for home use (E-CT, E-CTi, E-CTe and S-CTx). There are a few things that set Star Trac’s elliptical machines apart from the crowd.

Health-Focused for the Longterm: Star Trac focuses on long-term maintenance – not just short term goal weights. Their machines are designed with the person in mind – nobody is going to want to exercise daily if they are continually sore, injured or frustrated with the design/technology of an elliptical machine. People are more informed about fitness options than ever before, thanks to easily accessible Internet research. This means Star Trac has really led the way when it comes to stepping up the game. Their “people-centric” machines include advanced heart rate monitoring (usually through two different methods), ergonomic handlebars, low step-up platform and cushioned, oversized pedals for shock absorption and support.

Energy Saving: All of Star Trac’s elliptical machines are self-powered, meaning you won’t use up any more electricity through working out daily. You also are not limited to where the machine can go, as being near an outlet is not required. These self-powered machines will get you moving harder, charging up the pre-programmed workout options and burning calories right away.

Added Perks: Sometimes it’s the little things in the details that really make a brand stand apart from the crowd. In this case, the accessories are really great with Star Trac elliptical machines. With multiple cup and accessory holders, each machine also features adjustable cooling fans. This makes a huge impact on workout comfort and Star Trac remains one of very few brands offering up such a simple but remarkable feature.

Brand Highlights

  • Frame: Commercial-grade frames are used, and some come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Console: Select models come with an awesome full-color 15″ touchscreen console. For those that don’t, it can still be added on as an additional feature.
  • Customization: QuickStart program option, the ability to store information, multiple user profiles.
  • Design: These are nice looking machines, but they are also a welcoming size. Their efficient footprint will leave room for other equipment in the home, and also makes ease of use a reality.
  • Safety: Star Trac is a long-trusted brand within the commercial gym industry, which means they can be counted on to manufacture safe, durable machines appropriate for all individuals within the recommended usage guidelines.
  • Ergonomics: Some of the Star Trac ellipticals have moving handlebars. All of the models have rotating cushioned pedals for shock absorption and more natural movement.
  • Noise: Star Trac ellipticals stay pretty quiet. You may notice a hum or a squeak occasionally, but overall they are sturdy and silent.

Brand Lowlights

  • Warranty: Star Trac does not place a lifetime guarantee on all of their elliptical frames – only some.
  • Program Range: On average, only 10 workout programs are included. This is pretty stingy compared to other brands on the market today rolling out 16-20.
  • Affordability: These are not economical machines. Start saving – a Star Trac elliptical can cost you upwards of $3,000.

Bottom Line

Star Trac is a well-regarded manufacturing presence in the fitness industry that has built strong relationships with first commercial gym owners, and now with the home gym consumer. With a solid production history and innovative additions like moveable fans, triple-cushioned pedals and touch screen controls, you can rest assured that this is a brand that can be trusted when it comes to elliptical fitness.

All Star Trac Ellipticals

ImageModelRatingEstimated Price
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Star Trac E-CTe Elliptical4-StarsSee Best Price
Star Trac E-CTi Elliptical4-StarsSee Best Price

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