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Pros The Star Trac S-CTx is a cross trainer that aims to please from the moment you remove it from its packaging. Featuring an open step design, the user will experience a comfortable stride that feels natural and reduces strain. Shock absorption is key with this machine, as are the personal fans attached for optimal comfort during each and every workout.
Cons With 10 included workout programs, you aren’t going to get a ton of variety. It’s also incredibly expensive compared to more standard ellipticals.
Summary The Star Trac S-CTx Cross Trainer is one of five models released by the same designers of the Lifecycle stationary cycle. Their treadmills are incredibly popular in commercial health clubs, and so if money is no object for you, you will be amazed at the top-notch quality you receive from the Star Trac ellipticals. You can count on high quality electrical components in the S-CTx, which is a comfort for those who don’t want to deal with breakdowns. These ellipticals are designed to endure the daily wear and tear of a commercial machine – so you’ll be good to go with daily use from every member of the family.

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Star Trac S-CTx Elliptical Detailed Overview

The Star Trac S-CTx is a well-respected machine used by many who are serious about building a results-driven home gym collection. The machine itself is self-powered, but it does come with a cooling fan, heart rate monitoring and 10 programs to get you moving. It also comes with a full-color backlit screen which provides easy-to-read workout stats as well as entertainment as you exercise.

The pedals of the S-CTx Cross Trainer are spaced two inches apart for a natural, ergonomic feel, and carries a weight capacity of 350 pounds. This is beyond standard for machines of this caliber, so even beginners with a long way to go toward their fitness goals can start on this machine. The step-up height is also only seven inches, quite low compared to other machines of its caliber. This empowers those with limited mobility and more petite statures to step onto the cross trainer seamlessly.

Another perk to the Star Trac S-CTx is the fact it doesn’t have any power requirements besides a motivated user. Conserve energy and don’t deal with the frustration of an increased electric bill just for your fitness needs. As it doesn’t have a plug, you will also have more freedom as to where it’s placed in your fitness room.

The warranty on the Star Trac S-CTx is reasonable – lifetime on frame, three years on parts and labor. While not the most competitive guarantee out there, it is more than adequate and usually suits the owner well thanks to Star Trac’s reliable reputation for producing quality, durable machines.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the Star Trac S-CTx:

  • 15-inch HD personal viewing screen
  • Easy-to-use console with clear stats display
  • Multiple cup holder and accessory attachments
  • Adjustable cooling fans
  • Shock-absorbing pedals
  • Low step-up height of only 7”
  • Weight capacity of 350 lb
  • Straightforward keypad features
  • Small footprint
  • 20 different resistance levels

Our Least Favorite Features

A few downsides to the Star Trac S-CTx:

  • Expensive
  • Only 10 workout programs

The Bottom Line

The Star Trac S-CTx Cross Trainer features only 10 programs, but redeems itself with a full-color console and an easy-to-use touchscreen. Those who want a new approach to physical fitness will appreciate the shock-absorbing, total ergonomic experience with a dynamic design. The Star Trac S-CTx is not economically priced, but it truly might be the best around when you’re looking for a commercial-grade elliptical machine for your home.

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