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Pros Weighing in at about 275 pounds, the True M50 is an exceptionally solid home elliptical. Its welded steel frame is remarkably compact, but at the same time this fitness machine supports a natural 21” footpath. Unlike most elliptical cross trainers the M50 lets you skip pedaling if desired; footrests are provided for days when you’d rather just focus on conditioning your upper body. A dozen workout programs are included to help you make the most of the possibilities. This unit is a step up from True’s entry-level elliptical (the M30) because it adds orthopedic pedal cushioning and has multi-grip handlebars to diversify upper-body exercise.
Cons The M50 has a fixed elliptical stride length of 21”. Although that’s ideal for most adults, it’s too long for smaller trainees. The stride path also lacks an incline or adjustable pedal angle. For comparison, many other ellipticals in this price class have incline ranges up to 15 or 20% to help you target-tone different muscle groups in your lower body. You might also want to consider the electronics; the True Emerge console is helpful and reliable, but it’s not as engaging as those with full color screens, video workouts and built-in web browsers.
Summary The True M50 Elliptical is best for the shopper who wants a low-maintenance fitness machine and seeks club-like training sessions, though not with flashy electronics and fitness tracking. We tend to prefer ellipticals with multiple incline settings and/or adjustable stride… but if you’re happy with a basic 21” elliptical path, then the M50 could be a fine choice for your home gym. The factory-direct purchase is backed with a five-year warranty on parts and electronics, and True ellipticals are known to hold up well for many years.

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True M50 Elliptical Detailed Overview

The True M50 Elliptical is the leading model in the M Series of home use ellipticals from True Fitness. While the M Series is entry level for True, it’s relatively high-end for the home gym industry. The M50 retails for $2699 and looks very similar to center drive ellipticals that True builds for health clubs, though it has smaller dimensions with home use in mind. Key features include a cushioned 21” stride, multi-grip handlebars, and the option to exercise just your upper body. Small ledges near the pedals let you rest your legs if desired while working your arms.

The M50 Elliptical is an upgrade over the M30 in two main ways: It has orthopedic pedals for especially low-impact exercise, and it features multi-grip handlebars to help you diversify upper-body training. The M50 has the same control center though, which is the Emerge console with 12 preset workout programs and orange LED readouts. True’s workout variety is impressive with preset routines categorized as Hill, Pace, Performance, Cardio and Cardio 360. Cardio programming includes the option to use “cruise control” for your heart rate.(When you reach a desired exertion level, you can set the elliptical to keep challenging you in that zone.) Another special option, Cardio 360, builds upon the elliptical’s usual cross training by prompting you to perform other exercises for each major muscle group. Cardio 360 lets you get an advanced personal training workout in just 20 minutes.

True M50 Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:Yes
Stride Length:21"
Weight Capacity:300
Dimensions:42" L x 30" W x 9" Step Up" H

Our Favorite Features

  • Steel frame is robotically welded for low maintenance and has a lifetime guarantee
  • Compact footprint measures just 42” L x 30” W, making the True M50 one of the smallest ellipticals on the market
  • Center drive design makes it easy to keep your balance
  • Stride length is 21”, ideal for most trainees of average and taller heights
  • Pedals are cushioned for especially low-impact cross training
  • Multi-grip handlebars let you diversify exercise, plus they can be used separately from the foot pedals
  • Patented Heart Rate Cruise Control helps you train within a target heart rate zone; the M50 auto-adjusts its pedal resistance and speed
  • Media ledge can hold a magazine or mobile device
  • Water bottle holder is within easy reach
  • Choice of grip and wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Five-year warranty on parts and electronics

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Price is above average for a residential elliptical
  • Stride length is fixed at 21” and 0 degrees; length and incline aren’t adjustable
  • The Emerge console is very helpful for training support but isn’t feature-rich; you might want to exercise in a room that has a fan and TV to keep yourself cool and motivated
  • Lacks a Bluetooth connection or USB for exporting your workout data

The Bottom Line

The True M50 Elliptical lets you get high-level cross training at home. It’s one of the most compact ellipticals that’s built without sacrificing quality. The stride is very smooth and feels especially natural for adults with average and longer strides. While this unit lacks an incline, it does let you diversify training with a wide range of resistance (25 to 300 Watts), multiple grip positions for the moving arm bars, the option of upper-body training only, and workout programming for advanced cross training. Keep in mind though that for $2699 you could find another high quality elliptical with the added benefit of a power incline or adjustable stride.

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