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Pros Equipped with commercial components, the True Performance 300 is exceptionally solid for a home elliptical. It weighs about 260 pounds, has a welded steel frame, and is remarkably compact as it provides a 21” footpath. Unlike most ellipticals the PS300 lets you choose between total body training and exercising your upper body; ledges are provided for resting your feet as your work your arms, shoulders, chest and core with the multi-grip handlebars. Another perk is the menu of 12 preset workouts; while some cheaper ellipticals have longer menus, True’s selection is especially diverse with categories to support weight management, speed training and other fitness goals. We’re most impressed by True’s heart rate control workouts with “cruise control” and the Cardio 360 program with prompts for various cross training exercises.
Cons The Performance 300 provides a single stride path. It’s 21" long, which is ideal for most trainees but too long for smaller exercisers. The pricier ES700 brings many more stride length options, allowing anyone to exercise with their natural stride and also shorten or lengthen the path to target-tone their muscles. Another possible drawback of the True PS300 is the console, which is very useful for training guidance but lacks video workouts or built-in digital entertainment. A tablet-sized shelf is provided though for a magazine or mobile device.
Summary The True Performance 300 Elliptical is designed for shoppers seeking club-quality exercise in the comfort of home, even when minimal space is available. You could get more engaging electronics from another brand, but you’d miss out on the high-end biomechanics that make True Fitness a go-to brand. We tend to reserve our highest ratings for trainers with adjustable footpaths, but if you seek an elliptical with a fixed stride, this could be your match. In terms of strength and cardio training the Performance 300 could keep you challenged for many years, and it carries an excellent warranty to back up its elite retail price.

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True Performance 300 (PS300) Detailed Overview

True Fitness builds the PS300, or Performance 300 Elliptical, from commercial components and pairs it with a long warranty for home use. As a high-end elliptical with its drive housed at the center, the PS300 lets you get club quality exercise without sacrificing much of your living space. Its $3299 retail price is above average, but that includes a generous warranty with seven years of coverage for the parts and electronics… so if you’re serious about your fitness commitment, True Fitness could be your brand.

A special feature on True home ellipticals is the “side steps.” These make it easy to step up to the pedals, but their main advantage is how they double as footrests: Owning the PS300, you have the option to rest your feet and train just your upper body, or get a full-body workout. And with Watts settings from 25 to 300, the Performance 300 can train many ability levels at a wide range of intensities.

Other key specs for this premium cross trainer are a 21″ stride; multi-grip handlebars; wireless and contact heart rate monitoring; patented Cruise Control for exercising at a constant heart rate; and 12 preset workout programs. The True Performance 300 uses the Emerge console with orange LED readouts.

The workout training includes programs that emphasize calorie burn, interval training, speed and cardiovascular endurance. The most unique program is called Cardio 360. It can be run for 20 minutes or more and acts as a personal trainer with prompts for a variety of exercises.

True Performance 300 (PS300) - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:Yes
Stride Length:21"
Weight Capacity:350
Dimensions:49" L x 32.5" W x N/A" H

Our Favorite Features

  • The PS300 has premium components with seven-year parts/electronics warranty
  • Welded steel frame has a lifetime guarantee and 350-pound user weight capacity
  • Compact elliptical footprint is just 49" long and under three feet wide
  • Center drive design and extended handrails help you easily keep balance during exercise
  • Stride path is 21" long, ideal for most adults of average and taller heights
  • Pedals have removable orthopedic cushioning for especially low-impact exercise, and the pedals are placed just 2" apart to optimize hip comfort
  • Multi-grip handlebars support varied motion, plus they can be used without the foot pedals for isolated upper-body workouts
  • Cruise Control for your heart rate helps you exercise within a target heart rate zone as the elliptical takes charge of adjustments to speed and resistance
  • For extra motivation an integrated media shelf can hold a magazine or mobile device
  • A water bottle holder and accessory tray are within easy reach
  • The PS300 has built-in grip pulse sensors and is compatible with wireless heart rate transmitters
  • Can be moved with help from attached wheels and a removable handle
  • Seven-year warranty on parts and electronics; lifetime warranty on frame

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Price is high for a residential elliptical
  • Stride length is fixed at 21"; less than ideal for shorter trainees
  • Incline is fixed for flat walking; cannot diversify to target different muscle groups
  • True's Emerge console is useful for training guidance but isn't feature-rich; you might want to exercise in a room that has a fan and TV to keep yourself cool and motivated
  • Lacks a Bluetooth connection or USB for exporting your workout data

The Bottom Line

The True Performance 300 Elliptical brings commercial quality to home gyms. With the PS300 on hand, you can benefit from total-body workouts that put minimal stress on your hips, knees and ankles – plus you can opt for lighter workouts or “arm days” with a focus just on your upper body using the premium grips.

Key features for this unit are optional upper-body-only training, pedals designed for comfort and easy balance, ample workout guidance, optional heart rate control, and frame dimensions that help you make the most of your living space.

Owing to its 21″ stride path, this cross trainer is best for households with trainees of average and longer gaits. If your home is a nest for one or more shorties, then an elliptical with adjustable stride (like the True ES700) could be a better match.

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