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XTERRA Fitness is a solid line of fitness equipment that is continuously noted for its superb craftsmanship. XTERRA has been around for about three decades now, working with both everyday fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes to design workout equipment a user can safely, regularly use without worrying about a breakdown. The brand regularly hosts events including triathalons along with selling their top-of-the-line machines, expressing a commitment to the community that counts on it for a world-class experience.

XTERRA is also a leader of the pack when it comes to comfort with machine use. From oversized pedals featuring special inversion to solid and sturdy handlebars, users can rest assured they are reducing the risk of strain or injury when they use an XTERRA machine. They are also durable – your machine will outlast your New Year’s resolution, summer bikini body goals and even the life of some of your major home appliances – you can count on it to always be there through the test of time.

Most recently, XTERRA has begun to offer elliptical machines to complement their outstanding treadmills. Using the same standard of excellence, there are currently four different models in the elliptical line to choose from. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable and efficient they are.

XTERRA Free Style 4.0e: The most affordable out of the four ellipticals currently offered by XTERRA, the Free Style 4.0e is fairly bare bones in features, but makes up for it in durability and a gentle learning curve for novices. This machine comes with a two-degree inward pedal tilt for knee comfort and also comes standard with an 18-inch stride length and two inches between the pedals.

XTERRA Free Style 5.4e: Upgraded a bit from the 4.0e, the modest price jump makes a slightly better model incredibly realistic for a budget-conscious family. This machine comes with a 6.5” blue backlit workout display and a 2.4” Q factor (the distance found between the pedals).

XTERRA Free Style 5.6e: With the 5.6e, you will receive a top-notch workout experience that is virtually non-impact. This not only protects you from injury, but also allows for conditioning of the entire body – not just an isolated region. If you are trying to rehabilitate an old injury while losing some vanity pounds – or any other combination of physical goals, the Free Style 5.6e is really ideal.

XTERRA Free Style 5.8e: The top-of-the-line elliptical created by XTERRA is the Free Style 5.8e. With it, you will receive a larger screen than what’s found on other models, as well as more pre-set workout programs to enjoy. Of course, the 5.8e does not lose sight of any of the comfortable and productive features of earlier models – they are all included, too!

Brand Highlights

  • Frame: Durable commercial- grade frame and parts.
  • Incline Controls: 20 different electronic settings for incline
  • Resistance Levels: 20 different electronic levels of resistance
  • Console: Large blue backlit screen with a generous display of stats
  • Comfort: Properly spaced pedals that are oversized and cushioned is one of the comfort enhancements found on this machine.
  • Sound: Every XTERRA comes with built in speakers and MP3 compatibility.
  • Smooth Ride: The heavy flywheels keep things steady and smooth – and also quiet.

Brand Lowlights

  • Warranty: Not the best – especially on the cheaper models like the 4.0e
  • Customization: Non-existent – the stride length and handlebars are fixed, and there just really isn’t a lot of personal options with these machines.

Bottom Line

XTERRA will blow you away with their sturdy frames and affordability. If you’re looking for an elliptical machine with top-notch special features, look elsewhere. However, if you’re hoping for a simple, reliable machine that will get you looking and feeling your best, check out the line of Free Style ellipticals. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out the other items offered by this well-regarded brand.

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