Yowza Naples Elite Hybrid Elliptical Review

This Machine is Discontinued

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Yowza Naples Elite Hybrid Elliptical Rating

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This Machine is Discontinued


Pros The Naples Elite is the final machine in the SuperCore EVO series – it’s also the most advanced. Enjoy three seat position memory buttons, a Bluetooth scale app and a braking system that provides better-than-commercial quality resistance.
Summary Yowza’s Naples Elite is a top-ranking elliptical machine that will provide everything you need to get physically fit in the comfort of your own home. This elliptical cones with a power adjusted seat so you can choose what regions of the physique are targeted. Do you prefer an even split between lower and upper quadrants? Do you want to isolate your workout to build upper-body muscle or to tone below the belt? Whatever you goals are, the adjustable seat places you in the perfect position to find success. The Elite is also the only elliptical to include Yowza’s My Livelight workout app. This comes with a Bluetooth scale that lets you track your caloric intake, speciflc meals, workouts and progress as you exercise.

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Detailed Overview

Beware: It seems as though Yowza has gone out of business. If you are looking to buy one of their machines proceed with caution.

The Naples Plus, the predecessor to the Elite, is a top-notch machine in its own right and continues to be popular with many home gym owners. However when you’re concerned about utilizing the best in technology and fitness options, then there is no better buy than the Naples Elite.

Between the Bluetooth scale and the 16 included levels of resistance, there is nothing lacking when it comes to features and convenience with this machine. The Naples Elite also helps pass the time with great entertainment options. Run your tablet or phone through the Bluetooth connectivity to listen to your favorite music or browse the Web.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our favorite parts of the Yowza Naples Elite hybrid elliptical:

  • Power-driven seat adjustment
  • Three position seat memory
  • Bluetooth scale
  • 16 levels of resistance
  • 9 user profiles
  • 3 speed adjustable fan
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Transportation wheels
  • Heart rate receiver built into the unit
  • Pivoting pedals for advanced ergonomics and injury prevention

Yowza Naples Elite Hybrid Elliptical - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:No
Stride Length:17.7 inches
Programs:9 Pre-Set Workout Programs
Weight Capacity:400 LBS
Dimensions:65.75" L x 27.6" W x 58.35" H

Our Least Favorite Features

A few downsides to the Yowza Naples Elite:

  • Considering this is the top-shelf model, a full-color console would have been a nice inclusion
  • It’s pricey compared to other ellipticals that, while not carrying nearly the same features, still are effective at yielding results
  • Customer service has recently been called into question

The Bottom Line

The Yowza Naples Elite is a truly revolutionary elliptical machine that will get the entire family in shape. Nine unique user profiles are possible, allowing every member of your household to work at their own pace and focus on achieving their own goals. With 16 different levels of resistance, both novice and accomplished elliptical users will get something out of this machine.

Multitasking is a breeze thanks to the Elite’s MP3 audio jack for music or audio books, a USB port for tablet and phone charging and a Bluetooth connection to browse the Internet.

When you’re looking for a machine that is truly customizable, the Naples Elite gets the job done. While the Naples Plus is great in terms of user profiles and program variety too, the Elite ramps up standards with a memory seat and a core training handlebar that will keep you challenged and increasing in both strength and endurance.

While the Naples Elite certainly is not the most economical elliptical on the market currently, isn’t it great to have the reassurance of knowing you’re purchasing the best? Backed with a lifetime frame warranty and a generous replacement window on parts and repairs, the Naples Elite comes from a brand that truly cares about each customer’s fitness journey from start to finish.

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