Kid’s Guide to Exercise & Nutrition

Your parents and other adults in your life are always telling you to eat healthy. But do you know why? Eating a balanced diet and staying active keeps you healthy by giving your body energy, controlling your weight, and decreasing your risk of developing disease. When you eat well and stay fit, you also have a better outlook on life. Learn more about exercise and nutrition for kids to know what you should do to stay healthy and strong.

Nutrition Basics

Eating a variety of foods keeps your meals flavorful and provides your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, the body needs protein, grains, and dairy to create a balanced diet. Remember that not all foods are made equal. For example, potato chips don’t count as a vegetable even though they’re made from potatoes.

Healthy Weight

Weight is influenced by two main things: the food you eat and the activity you do. By choosing to eat healthy foods and exercising regularly, you can help keep your body lean and strong. If you’re not already, start to make healthier choices. For example, drink water instead of juice or play outdoors instead of watching TV.


What is fitness? It’s when you run in the park, ride your bike, kick a ball, or do any of the fun and active activities you likely do every day. Staying fit helps to keep your body strong and your energy levels high. Get fit with friends by playing soccer or shooting hoops. You can also get fit by yourself by jumping rope or hopping on your bike.


Sports are a fun way to stay healthy and active. They also allow you more time to hang out with friends. There are all types of sports to choose from, such as baseball, basketball, cycling, gymnastics, martial arts, and dancing. When you find a sport that you like, exercising doesn’t seem like work at all.

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Healthy Habits

Healthy habits are a good thing to have, and you likely already have many. Do you eat three full meals a day? Do you play a sport or exercise? Do you drink enough water? If you do any of these activities, you are on the right track to living a healthy lifestyle.

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