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Precor designs premium fitness equipment that is widely used in both professional and personal home gyms. For almost three decades, they have specialized in ergonomics, utilizing science and engineering to produce elliptical machines that are safe for the body while able to still deliver impressive results. Precor makes many different types of machines, but their ellipticals are one of their specialties. Unlike other companies who have watered down fitness units to be conducive to residential homes, some of the Precor machines are actually exact versions of those found in a home gym. This means when you purchase one of their products, you are receiving a commercial-grade unit that will yield professional results.

Rear Drive Series:

Rear drive elliptical machines are budget-friendly and incredibly effective for challenging workouts. Precor was the first manufacturer on the market to design and patent a rear-drive elliptical machine. Other companies have gone on to work around this patent and design their own machines, but NordicTrack – another well-respected fitness brand – realized the genius behind Precor’s rear-drive design and instead purchased permission to use the patented design. The stride on a rear-drive machine simulates the feeling of running or walking, and provides a more balanced and centered experience.

Besides the rear drive patent their elliptical line, there are a few things that Precor has created that are not found in other brands.


This special technology allows the elliptical ramp to mold specifically to your feet. This means you will reduce instance of injury and be able to sustain lasting results without having to go beyond a typical low-impact workout.  You can build up strength and endurance at your own pace, custom-fit to your own body.

Precision Series:

This line is the official title of the Precor EFX machines that have come from professional gyms to living rooms. With commercial-grade quality and plenty of durability and challenges for every type of user, the Precision Series is one of the most envied lines on the market today. Starting with the entry level EFX 221 going up to the one of their more premium models, the EFX 835 Elliptical, coming in at nearly $7,500.


Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) Series:

With a unique suspension design that feels like you are running and walking in mid-air the AMT series of machines (AMT 813, AMT 833, AMT 835, AMT 885) are like three cardio machines combined in one: the elliptical, treadmill and stairclimber. Never has a machine been so versatile that users can simulate a walk, run, climb and bike all on one machine.

Brand Highlights

  • Frame: Durable commercial- grade frame and parts.
  • CrossRamp: Adjustable inclines allow for an increase in challenge when you are ready to ramp up your workouts. Most ellipticals range from 13-60 degrees.
  • Console: all models are iPod compatible, and many include dome style buttons to allow for incline adjustments while you’re working out.
  • Customizable Features: Some models allow for the saving and customization of various workout plans, so you can pick up where you left off at your next home session.
  • Handlebars: Some EFX elliptical machines have moveable handlebars so you can exercise either the entire body or an isolated portion.

Brand Lowlights

  • Warranty: Like most elliptical brands, the labor and parts warranties vary and are not typically impressive on the more affordable models.
  • Noise: The commercial quality of the machines tends to make them quite noisy. The more strength and durability behind a machine, the more difficult it is to have a quiet ride.
  • Affordability: The Precor EFX elliptical machines tend to be on the expensive side – expect to pay anywhere from $2,000-$7,500 for one of your own.


Bottom Line

Precor knows how to construct a durable elliptical machine that will stand the test of time. When you’re ready to get serious about your workout routine, check out all the great options online. Many can be shipped directly to your home, and will be ready to use within hours. Please note that these machines are heavy and large – you won’t experience much in the way of compact storage or easy relocation. However for those who are already elliptical enthusiasts or are ready to make a real commitment to a home gym, any of the installments in the Precor line are well worth it.




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