Best Rear Drive Ellipticals of 2021

Rear drive elliptical trainers are found in more expensive elliptical trainers, especially those in clubs or gyms. Rear drive means that the fly wheel, or drive system, is located in the back of the trainer, behind the user. Rear drive designed trainers are more expensive because they contain fewer moving parts and have an incline ramp that can be easily adjusted either automatically or manually. The pedal movement on rear drive trainers is more of a circular, smooth motion that mimics the feel of walking or running more so than other types of trainers. Because the drive system is in the back, some users feel more upright and find the design easier on the low back, while some find the motion more awkward and prefer a slightly forward motion.

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Best Rear Drive Ellipticals

Model Rating Flywheel Resistance Price Lowest Price
Precor EFX 245 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer 4-stars N/A 16 Levels Over $2,500 See best price »
Life Fitness E3 Elliptical Cross-Trainer 4-stars N/A 20 Levels Over $2,500 See best price »
NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i 5-stars 18 LBS 24 Digital Levels Under $1,500 See best price »