Bowflex Elliptical Reviews 4 Note: Bowflex is running a sale this weekend on the M5, M7 and the TC200. You can save $200 to $900 and get free shipping. Just activate the sale thro

Bowflex Reviews

Note: Bowflex is running a sale this weekend on the M5, M7 and the TC200. You can save $200 to $900 and get free shipping. Just activate the sale through this link and enter 'EXCLUSIVE17' in as the coupon code.

Bowflex is a longtime leader in the home fitness industry. As some readers can remember, Bowflex got its start in the 1980s advertising innovative home gyms through infomercials. Since then the Vancouver-based company has become Nautilus, Inc. and expanded its Bowflex brand to include dynamic cardio trainers for people at all skill levels. They've gained loyal fans with TreadClimbers and Max Trainers, which are popular alternatives to standard treadmills and ellipticals. These fitness machines are gentler on the body (lower impact) and more efficient at melting pounds and defining muscles. Bowflex TreadClimbers allow rapid calorie burn through low-impact walking. With a TreadClimber you can achieve the weight loss, cardio benefits and muscle toning normally associated with running. Meanwhile Bowflex Max Trainers allow higher intensity workouts: simulated running plus upper body exercise. Max Trainers can deliver remarkable results with just 14 minutes of exercise per day.

Also new for 2017 is the Nautilus brand Bowflex Results Series. This Series debuted in the spring with two ellipticals and two treadmills. All four machines are priced for residential use, but each exceeds standards for commercial models. The “Bowflex Results” brand name is well justified in terms of the physical workout quality and fitness tracking possibilities that it supports.

Since so many people are busier than ever, and because Bowflex products work as advertised, these time-saving trainers have had impressive sales and earned overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. It hasn't been difficult for Nautilus to include actual customers in its motivating ads. Check out the options for sale in 2017…

Bowflex Results Ellipticals

Bowflex Results ellipticals are a brand-new option for 2017. Competitively priced and very smooth, they're likely making other leaders in the home elliptical industry a bit jittery. Both Bowflex Results ellipticals — the E116 and E216 — meet high standards for performance and seem equipped to dominate in their price classes (under $1,500 and under $2,000). Your results can be exceptional, as Nautilus supplies 30 and 35 pound flywheels, steep power incline for sculpting the lower body, and multi-grip handlebars for targeted upper-body toning.

These trainers are data-rich as well. As your output changes, calorie burn feedback is adjusted to encourage perseverance. A Bluetooth connection is provided for syncing the workout data with a Bowflex Results mobile app or your favorite third-party app for fitness. Four users can save profiles to the Burn Rate console.

Bowflex Max Trainers 2016

Bowflex Max Trainer M3: The most affordable Max Trainer, the M3, costs just $999 with a one-year warranty. This durable whole-body trainer can serve a whole family. Trainees can burn just as many calories on the Max Trainer M3 as on pricier units — up to 600 calories per half hour according to Bowflex trials! Trainees use a dial to choose from 8 resistance levels for use with two built-in programs: manual mode and a 14-minute preset workout. Users with WiFi access can use four free Motion Traxx workouts too. A chest strap is provided for wireless heart rate monitoring.

While the Bowflex M3 has its rewards, some shoppers prefer a higher model for more programs, extra features and an even more robust product.

Bowflex Max Trainer M5: The Max Trainer M5 is an advanced version of the M3. It divides resistance into 16 levels instead of 8 for better customization, and the resistance is computerized instead of manually controlled. As with the M3, two profiles are supported. For training guidance users can access four Motion Traxx workouts through a mobile app. The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 has much greater built-in program variety though: Including manual mode and a fitness test it has nine built-in programs. Other upgrades are backlighting for the data screen, contact grips in addition to wireless heart rate technology, upgraded pedals and more comfortable hand grips. The Bowflex M5 has an online sale price of $1,599 and carries a two-year warranty.

Bowflex Max Trainer M7: The Bowflex M7 arrived as a new top-of-the-line model in 2016. Compared with the M5 it features additional workouts, including 7-minute and 21-minute versions of the classic 14-minute Bowflex session. Additionally the Max Trainer M7 has 20 resistance levels, commercial grade grips, four user profiles, an enhanced media shelf and other upgrades.

Selling for $2,199 with a three-year warranty, the M7 is the most expensive Bowflex Max Trainer but it also offers the best long-term value.

Compare the 3 Max Trainers:


Bowflex TreadClimbers 2017

Bowflex TreadClimber TC100: The TC100 is the lowest-priced of two Bowflex TreadClimber models for 2017. Its high speed is 4 mph and its steepest incline is 40 percent.  Compared with an elliptical trainer it enables faster calorie burn and more targeted muscle definition. Bluetooth 4.0 is included for wirelessly tracking and sharing workout stats such as heart rate (measured with contact sensors) and calories burned. TreadClimbers make it convenient to use mobile apps during exercise too; they have tablet computer docks with USB chargers.

While we prefer the Bowflex TC200 for its wireless telemetry and preset workouts, the TC100 is the best seller because it costs a lot less. The full price is $2,199 with a two-year warranty on the whole machine.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC200: The TC200 is the leading model of Bowflex TreadClimber for 2017. Compared with the TC100 it has the same incline range (zero to 40 percent) but a higher maximum speed (4.5 mph) for even more dramatic calorie burn. Other upgrades are wireless heart rate monitoring and four customizable workout programs named Interval, Calorie, Time and Distance. The full price online is $3,299 including a three-year warranty on the whole machine.

What We Like About Bowflex Cardio Trainers

  • Compact and Sturdy: Built with home use in mind, Bowflex gyms and fitness machines are relatively compact yet can hold up to 350 pounds. Each has a smaller footprint than a typical home gym, elliptical trainer or treadmill despite serving multiple functions. Max Trainers, for example, measure about 4 feet long and 2½ feet wide. Most of these units have wheels attached for easy transport.
  • Versatile: Bowflex features unique multipurpose workout equipment. They're useful for cardio exercise and resistance training. Depending on the unit, a Bowflex might be able to do the work of an elliptical, a stair stepper and/or a treadmill. Each Bowflex or Bowflex Results option can meet a wide range of skill levels too, accommodating people in need of gentle physical rehab as well as athletes in peak condition.
  • Low-Impact: Bowflex cardio trainers are ergonomically sound. Running indoors with a Bowflex Max Trainer elliptical, for instance, can reduce shock to joints by 200% compared with running on a hard surface. The low impact exercise on Bowflex equipment lets you feel less perceived exertion even when you're burning calories at an extraordinary rate.
  • Modern Consoles: Bowflex trainers have easy-to-read screens and can connect with mobile apps for automated activity tracking and online workouts. Each Bowflex console can save at least two user profiles. The Bowflex Results ellipticals and treadmills can save four profiles each, as can the M7 Max Trainer and TC200 TreadClimber.
  • Bowflex Results Warranties: Bowflex Results Series ellipticals and treadmills for 2017 have excellent warranties for parts and electronics. Warranty deals are different for other equipment mentioned here; not all are so impressive as noted below.

What We Don't Like About The Bowflex Cardio Trainers

  • Manual Resistance on M3: Resistance on M3 Max Trainers is manual; you need to turn a dial to make changes. This isn't optimal for interval training. On the M5 and M7 the resistance is computerized.
  • Warranties: Warranties for Bowflex Results equipment are above average, but those for the original Bowflex brand could be discouraging. The M3 Max Trainer, for instance, is covered for just one year. Be sure to read warranty details before buying.
  • Affordability: Only some of these models are affordable for the typical home gym shopper. The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 costs just $999, and Bowflex Results ellipticals are priced very competitively at $1,499 and $1,799. However, some other Bowflex trainers are priced out of reach for many shoppers.

Bottom Line

Bowflex first impressed the fitness world several decades ago and the company has continued to innovate. For 2017, the Bowflex Results ellipticals should have special appeal to our readers, and the Max Trainers and TreadClimbers remain strong alternatives for efficient low-impact exercise.  While the highest model numbers in some series have the most appeal, any Bowflex or Bowflex Results trainer can deliver impressive results in a short amount of time.


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Note: Bowflex is running a Sale on the M7 this weekend....

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