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Pros The new Bowflex HVT by Nautilus is special for combining cardio with strength in a “home gym” unit. It would appeal to many of our readers for the same reasons they like elliptical cross trainers… but of course it provides a different sort of total-body workout experience. Pulleys and stationary bars let you train your upper body, lower body and core with about 150 exercise variations -- and all are low-impact on your joints compared with running and traditional lifting at a gym. Adjustable magnetic resistance makes the Hybrid Velocity Trainer suitable for a wide range of ability levels and workout objectives, and 50 HVT workout videos on the Bowflex HVT app can help anyone hone in on their goals. Computerized workouts are provided too; choose from three preloaded programs or design your own. A final perk to consider is that the Bowflex HVT is especially home-friendly: Magnetic resistance promotes quiet operation, the whole unit is narrow for convenience, and aesthetically the HVT is pleasing. This cross trainer has an air of luxury despite its reasonable price.
Cons The warranty for the Bowflex HVT is short; it provides just two years of coverage for the frame, parts and electronics. However, Bowflex equipment that’s purchased factory-direct has a six-week buy-back guarantee as well.
Summary The new Bowflex gym represents a whole new class of low-impact cross trainer. This HVT review is written while the product is still brand-new, but signs suggest that the HVT is bound to become one of the most popular home gyms for 2017 and beyond.

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Bowflex HVT Detailed Overview

Meet the new Bowflex HVT, an exciting whole-body gym just introduced by Nautilus for 2017. The Bowflex HVT is unique for supporting strength training and cardio training in a seamless workout session. It builds on the popularity of low-impact elliptical machines by supporting more than 150 exercises that maximize return while minimizing impact to your spine, knees and other joints. Combining exercises, you can achieve smooth and constant motion that Nautilus calls “hybrid velocity training” or HVT.

A smooth magnetic resistance system on the HVT replaces traditional weight stacks to help keep exercise non-jarring at any workout intensity. In under 20 minutes you can achieve a total-body workout that keeps you invigorated and minimizes the chance of next-day soreness.

The Bowflex HVT is space-saving compared with typical home gyms. The magnetic resistance system, which works with pulleys and bars, is sleeker than bulky metal weight stacks. Two stationary workout bars are also featured in the narrow design. Adjusting the challenge is as simple as turning a dial, and you can choose from different resistance modes such as “Level” and “Weight.”

Helping you make the most of this cross trainer, high quality coaching is readily available via the Bowflex HVT app with fifty workout videos. HVT videos can lead you through cross training for any ability level; choose from 20 magnetic resistance settings and follow the world-class fitness pro. The app also has computerized routines and lets you set up custom programs.

In sum, the new Bowflex HVT could serve beautifully as your only home-use trainer, or as a complement to a treadmill or Bowflex Max Trainer elliptical. Read on for favorite features and a couple of potential drawbacks.

Our Favorite Features

  • Blends strength and cardio exercises into seamless workouts; training accessories can be adjusted in just a few seconds
  • Accommodates beginners through advanced trainees with its adjustable resistance (20 levels) and customizable workout programs
  • Supplies low-impact resistance in comparison with traditional weight stack gym equipment or free weights
  • Provides exercise guidance with preset computerized routines and 50 workout videos
  • Requires relatively little floor space; has a tall and narrow design
  • Is built from durable parts and sold with a money-back guarantee
  • Has a competitive sale price for a high quality all-in-one cross trainer

Bowflex HVT - Notable Specs:

Overall Rating:4-stars
Compact / Folding:Yes
Stride Length:N/A
Programs:50 videos + 4 digital workouts
Weight Capacity:N/A
Dimensions:65.6" L x 46" W x 83" H

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Assembly has many steps and is time-consuming
  • This brand new product hasn’t yet been tested long-term in home gyms
  • Warranty is only for two years

The Bottom Line

Modern in appearance and function, the Bowflex HVT is an exciting new home option for cross training the whole body without harsh impact. It’s revolutionary yet easy to use at any strength level. We’ll keep an eye on this trainer as it moves into more home workout rooms for 2017. The HVT is likely to be a hit with longtime Bowflex fans, and it has big appeal to just about any shopper with a mid-level or higher budget for at-home fitness.

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