Best Elliptical Bikes of 2017

Elliptical bikes are quite unique trainers as they combine the cardiovascular benefits of both biking and running, with the low-impact motion and muscle toning of a traditional elliptical trainer. Ideal as a cross-training machine, elliptical bikes are designed more like a traditional bicycle with a similar brakes and handling system, but feature the stride like motion of an elliptical trainer, reducing any impact on the joints. Users stand to operate an elliptical bike, unlike a traditional bicycle, so the user sits up much higher, making for better posture and better visibility when using the elliptical bike outdoors. Like a traditional bicycle, users maneuver the brake system with handle bar brakes, a shifter and grips, and a steering column to turn the elliptical bike. In addition, most elliptical bikes can be taken from the outdoors to the indoors and used as a stationary bike.

When it comes to price, these trainers can run anywhere from $800 to over $3,000 depending on the brand, make, and model. Some top features to look for on an elliptical bike include an adjustable stride of up to 25 inches, a removable or folding steering column, and an aluminum frame. Having these features makes the bike light-weight, easy-to-use and easy to store.  Like a traditional elliptical trainer, elliptical bikes also offer a number of resistance levels, or speeds, that usually range from 3 to 11 or more, and instead of “incline” levels, elliptical bikes offer climbing grades that range from 5 to 30% grade, depending on the model. The number of resistance or speed levels and the climbing grade are important factors to consider for a number of reasons, one being what type of terrain you plan to use your elliptical bike on the most. If you are looking to navigate hillier terrain, the more speeds and the higher the climbing grade the better, but if you are only using your elliptical bike on smooth surfaces, you may not need those additional speeds or the option to climb steeper hills.

Best Elliptical Bikes

Model Rating Price Lowest Price
ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike 4-stars Over $2,500 See best price »
Elliptigo 8C Elliptical Bike 4-stars Under $2,500 See best price »
Elliptigo 3C Elliptical Bike 4-stars Under $2,000 See best price »