Best Ellipticals Under $1,500

The best elliptical trainers under $1,500 provide especially good value to new trainees. These standard home fitness machines are comfortable for beginners but won’t be mastered too quickly; they offer enough force for intermediate-level training as well. Warranties include at least three years of parts replacement among other buyer protections. Below we highlight three favorites in this price class, describe some typical features of top competitors, and list many other ellipticals under $1,500.

Three Best Elliptical Trainers Under $1,500

Sorting through our elliptical reviews, we identified three top-scoring ellipticals priced from $1,000 to $1,499. These models earn the most overall points for durability, console display, features and manufacturer’s customer service.

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Buying Guide to Ellipticals Under $1,500

The best elliptical trainers under $1,500 are challenging yet comfortable to use, have newer technologies and carry confidence-instilling warranties. Here's a look at some typical specs from this price class.


Essentials for high quality elliptical performance are appropriate resistance and an ergonomic stride or elliptical path. Here's what to expect from the best ellipticals under $1,500.

Resistance: The resistance on top-value ellipticals under $1,500 provides just the right challenge for beginners and intermediate athletes. It can meet advanced athletes' low-impact cardio needs as well. Popular machines in this price category have at least 25-pound flywheels to support smooth club-quality rides, and typically about 20 resistance settings are available. The resistance is controlled digitally and is virtually silent thanks to touch-free magnetic braking.

Stride Length: Ellipticals in this price class tend not to skimp on stride length. Shoppers seeking fixed 18" or 20" strides have plenty of choices. Ellipticals with adjustable strides are sale priced under $1,500 too. With various choices for stride length, an elliptical can fit every household user. Moving up to the under $2,000 elliptical category you'll notice crosstrainers with especially generous stride ranges. These let each trainee develop exceptional tone by working their muscles in different ways during a single workout.

Incline: Adjusting stride length is one way to diversify elliptical workouts. In addition to or instead of adjustable stride, some of the best ellipticals under $1,500 have automated inclines. Typically a trainee can choose from ten to 20 incline settings from zero to 20 degrees. Incline training boosts the metabolism and lets the trainee focus on different muscle groups with just one fitness machine.

Foldable: To conserve floor space in between workout sessions, various ellipticals under $1,500 are foldable. Many use hydraulics to make folding almost effortless.


The best ellipticals under $1,500 are low maintenance. Unlike cheaper cross trainers, they don't often lead to customer complaints about squeakiness, snapped pedals, flickering screens and other quality issues. Here are some details to help you choose a durable elliptical in this price class.

Maximum User Weight: The best ellipticals in this price category are rather heavy and wobble-free, so they have high weight capacities. With a budget up to $1,500 you can easily get a home elliptical trainer with a 300-pound or 350-pound weight capacity. Heavier ellipticals are more durable partly because they have metal components instead of plastic parts.

Warranty: Parts warranties at least three years long are typical of trainers in this price category. Two years is standard for labor. These warranties are much better than those for cheaper ellipticals, so choosing a higher quality machine can actually cost less in the long run.

Brand Reputation: Many ellipticals compete with similar prices. When specs seem interchangeable then a brand's reputation can be your deciding point. Ellipticals from the top-ranked manufacturers are not only durable but also backed by effective customer service. See our brand ratings for guidance


The best ellipticals under $1,500 go beyond the basics. Here are some features that might be included for workout support and entertainment.

Heart Rate Control: The best elliptical machines can wirelessly track the user's heart rate. This helps a person exercise within a target heart rate range to maximize efficiency. On some of the best ellipticals under $1,500, heart rate control is included. Heart rate data can control the machine's challenge level, automatically adjusting resistance and/or incline to fit the user's goals.

Console Displays with Web Browsers:  Many of the leading ellipticals under $1,500 have full color 7" screens with touch technology. Besides being used for program setup and display, often these screens can be used for browsing the web too. Alternatively, some brands offer smart cost savings by using lower-tech data displays but letting the owners' own tablet computers work as elliptical control centers.

Workout Programs: Ellipticals in this price class tend to have many built-in workout programs, sometimes dozens. Many have Bluetooth connections for downloading new programs as well. In this price class but rarely in cheaper ellipticals, at least two user profiles can be saved to the console. Having a user profile improves the accuracy of data feedback and may bring other benefits such as data tracking.

iPod Integration: Ellipticals in all price categories include speakers for MP3 players. Moving up in price though, the audio fidelity is much improved. Some of the best ellipticals under $1,500 provide on-screen iPod/iPhone controls in addition to ports and speakers.

List of Elliptical Trainers Under $1,500

The best ellipticals under $1,500 provide good value. Top options support healthy strides and smooth rides with at least 25 pounds of resistance. Advanced features easily found in this category are adjustable stride length, automatic incline and touch-screens with web browsers. The following list shows ellipticals under $1,500 with a wide range of review scores.

Best Ellipticals Under $1,500

Model Rating Flywheel Resistance Price Lowest Price
NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i 5-stars 18 LBS 24 Digital Levels Under $1,500 See best price »
Horizon Fitness Evolve 5 5-stars 23 LBS 20 Digital Levels Under $1,500 See best price »
Sole E55 4-stars 17 LBS ECB Under $1,500 See best price »